Lesley University Students Respond to HLS Parody

The Record interviewed several Lesley University students that were in attendance for the HLS 2013 Parody. “It’s fine for HLS to make fun of Lesley University. We make fun of HLS all the time,” said one Lesley University junior.

The interviews took place at Lesley’s “Shops at Porter” over delicious Japanese food. “Over here at Lesley, we eat here for lunch every day. You eat…at the Hark, right?” “I don’t know how HLS students eat that shit.”

“And have you seen Gropius? We smoke pot in those stairways all the time and we can see how tiny the rooms are. We have it way better over in the Lesley dorms,” chipped in a freshman. “And anyway, I’ve met plenty of HLS students with over six figures of student loan debt. Most of us have zero. Can you say golden handcuffs?”

Another female student chipped in about the general attractiveness of HLS students. “Some nerdy douchebag tried to drop the h-bomb on me at Cambridge Common the other night. As if I would find his $200,000 in student loan debt and future career of indentured servitude attractive. I’ll stick to chill, athletic Lesley dudes, thank you very much.”

Asbestos Found in Gropius ‘Do Not Present a Health Hazard’

According to a Harvard Law spokesperson, materials containing asbestos were found in Story during a materials survey in September of 2010 done in anticipation of renovations to the building. Since then, the spokesperson said, “all of the Gropius buildings have been tested and, as is common in building materials of that era, they do contain asbestos, all of which was found to be in good, safe condition. Such intact materials do not present a health hazard.”

For Story, the spokesperson said the School “hired a licensed firm to remove the materials that were to be disturbed by construction, and removal was completed with proper notice and within all applicable regulations under the close supervision of the hygienist.  All air monitoring completed in and around the work areas confirmed that there was no threat to occupant health or safety.”

As for the rest of the Gropius buildings, the spokesperson said, “as with Story, when the buildings undergo renovations next summer, the project will be managed by a licensed contractor in a controlled, safe manner.”