Your Vote Doesn’t Matter, So Make It Count

On Tuesday, voters head to the polls to settle for the lesser of two evils. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, you’ve likely wished for some loophole to allow your party of choice to make a last minute switch (Biden/Ryan, anyone?). Alas, you’re left hopelessly heading to fend off whichever candidate you see as more likely to plunge America into irreparable turmoil.

In case your newly-justified euphoria, likely brought on by intensive Facebook campaigning, has led you to forget that past wishful thinking, lets take a brief stroll through recent history.

If you’re a Democrat, let me remind you that The Donald actually led in the polls at one point , and against all odds is making a push to tighten the gap before Tuesday. His candidacy should have been swiftly laughed off after ill-advised primary voting gave the Grand Old Party a less than grand candidate that more than 160 party leaders have since publicly refused to support . For anyone but Hillary, this was a tap-in.

For our Republican readers (hopefully both of you have made it this far) – on the off chance you’re one of the few so blinded by Donald’s brilliant business acumen (mostly a mix of cheap labor and borderline tax-evasion), let us again dwell on the fact that Clinton has been under FBI investigation for the majority of the campaign. Democrats breathed a huge sigh of relief when Trump fluked his way into the candidacy; can you imagine what this race could like if Kasich, Rubio, or even Cruz were running? Again, for anyone but Donald, this was a tap-in.

Still, you’ve since been convinced that it is your duty to defend the Republic by casting your vote against certain downfall. But before you do, I’d like to make one last point.

Your vote doesn’t matter.

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