Pamela Gaulin and Jared Lax: Candidates for 3L Representative

Interview with Pamela Gaulin

Record: Why are you running for 3L Rep?

Pamela Gaulin: I have been involved in SG the last two years, and I think there is a lot of value they can bring to the students here. I think that it’s important to have people here who are committed to bringing about change through interacting with the administration.

R: So what would you like to get accomplished during 3L?

PG: I think a key thing in the past is that people maybe are not aware of who their representatives are, or what it is that we can actually do or accomplish, so empowering students to bring their issues to us, so that we can then take action through student

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Leilani Doktor ’19 and Jonathan Herzog ’20: Candidates for Student Government Co-Presidents

Record: Why did you decide to run?

Leilani Doktor: I decided to run my 1L year. I had a really incredible section that I was very close with. They had a bunch of great ideas, and I felt like I could represent them well [in] Student Government [SG]. I had worked on SG in the past and had a lot of success in terms of getting concrete policies done and getting facilities and services delivered. I joined SG as a 1L and found that I was able to do that, so I just want to continue doing that as co-president, and I think that I have the kind of experience now that allows me to really lead this organization to continue all the great stuff that it’s doing.

Jonathan Herzog: We ran because we thought in our capacity as student reps, and now as co-presidents, we can make HLS a little bit better for everyone to thrive. It really came down to seeing what we could get done, the experience we had being on student committees and as reps, what we could achieve to make life a little bit better here, and our excitement and passion to keep going.

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Princess Daisy Akita: Candidate for Director of Student Organizations

Record: Why are you running for Director of Student Organizations?

Princess Daisy Akita: In my past year working with SG and working as a member of different organizations, I am honestly honored and inspired by how much time and energy people put into student orgs here at HLS in the context of a very demanding academic curriculum, and so my motivation is to help support that work and to empower student leaders, and make them able to give more and do even more for their organizations.

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Hannah Dawson, Daniel Egel-Weiss, and Radhe Patel: Candidates for 2L Representative

Interview with Hannah Dawson

Record: Why are you running for 2L Rep?

Hannah Dawson: I think the main reason I want to run for 2L rep is because I think there’s a trend in Student Government of doing amazing things, and I want to get involved and see how I can make Harvard Law School an even better place for students.

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Join Us at WLA’s Spring Conference

The Harvard Women’s Law Association presents its 12th Annual Spring Conference, “Why We March: Women’s Stories of Past, Present, and Future.” The conference will tackle questions surrounding “why we march,” such as how to build coalitions, remain resilient in the face of a changing political climate, and foster change through multiple avenues.

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Rebranding as Campaign for Political Equality, Harvard Rootstrikers Expand Mission

Money in politics in the United States is a defining issue of our time. The richest .01% of the population contributes at least 40% of the money in politics.[1] With many members of Congress spending over half of their working hours raising funds, and with the average successful Senate race costing more than $10 million,[2] the highly disproportionate spending power of the rich exacerbates the already undue influence that the wealthiest have in controlling our nation.

Rookstrikers—an organization started by Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig and others—was formed to address the issue of money in politics by striking at the root of many of the problems in our democracy: corrupt campaign finance law. Campaign finance remains a vital issue for reformers, but what the 2016 election and its aftermath has reinforced is that there are other urgent structural issues that also need to be addressed in order to reestablish the United States as a true, flourishing democracy.

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Student Government President Adrian Perkins Resigns to Focus on Home

Student Government President Adrian Perkins resigned on February 1, 2018. His resignation letter is below. Effective today, Amanda Lee is the Student Government President and Amanda Chan is the Student Government Vice President.

I am resigning as Student Government President to prepare to run for local office in my hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana. I never expected to write those words, and it is disappointing to acknowledge that I’ll fall three months shy of my obligation to the students that voted for me. Luckily, the Student Government is in great hands; I am confident the incoming President Amanda Lee will build on the progress we’ve made since last April. The future in Shreveport is not so promising, which has spurred me to answer to another commitment that I made: to do all that I can for the community that raised me.

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APALSA to Hold Trial Reenactment February 3rd

Who counts as real Americans? What does it mean to be patriotic? This weekend, as part of its annual law and policy conference, the Harvard Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA) invites you to reflect upon these questions through the perspective of Americans of Japanese descent in 1944. Drafted to serve in the Second World War even though their families continued to be imprisoned in the harsh, unforgiving concentration camps of the inland West, should these Americans prove their loyalty to the United States by agreeing to join the Armed Forces, or should they resist the draft and challenge the constitutionality of the government’s actions?

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Denise Ghartey Elected HLAB President

Denise Ghartey ’19 has been elected President of the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau for 2018.

“We are excited to continue the work of this year’s board and to support the HLAB mission, which aims to promote racial justice and disrupt racial and socio-economic inequalities,” said Ghartey. “We will also increase our engagement with the Cambridge and Greater Boston Area community through community partnerships and radical political lawyering.”

HLAB’s outgoing President, Julian SpearChief-Morris ’18, is “thrilled” that Ghartey will serve as his replacement.

“[Ghartley] is a strong leader, she has an infectious personality, and she knows how to make those around her feel welcome and included,” he said. “She has a great understanding of the community in which the Bureau operates, and a unique insight into how the Bureau can be made more accessible to the people which it serves.”

Please Join WLA for Feminism and Womanism Week

The Women’s Law Association is hosting our inaugural fall conference, Feminism and Womanism Week, this Wednesday, October 18, 2017 – Friday, October 20, 2017. We kicked off our week with the Feminist Formal last Friday, October 13, 2017, which was completely sold out and a huge success. We have partnered with a number of affinity groups on campus, including Lambda, BLSA, APALSA, MELSA, SALSA, and La Alianza, all of whom are serving as co-sponsors for the conference.

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A Prison Journalist’s Q&A with a Justice Advocate

I am a prison journalist, and I have been incarcerated for almost sixteen years, walking down a twenty-eight-years-to-life sentence for possession of a firearm, drug distribution, and a murder I committed on a Brooklyn street in 2001. I’ve spent most of my time in Attica Correctional Facility and recently transferred to Sing Sing Correctional Facility, another maximum-security prison, but this one closer to New York City. The prison is bustling with civilians involved with several privately funded programs: music, theater, higher education. There is also a group called Voices From Within (VFW), sponsored by NBC Dateline producer Dan Slepian, that hosts events with the youth, hipping them to the warning signs of trouble and offering them better life choices.

Years ago, VFW raised $8,000 from the prison population for a gun buyback. The money was supposed to be matched by several community partners but that never happened. Enter Bianca Tylek. Formerly with the Brennan Center for Justice, she is now the director of a new initiative at the Urban Justice Center called the Corrections Accountability Project.

In December 2016, Bianca met with VFW and learned that the gun buyback money was sitting idle. She vowed to help match it and published an article about the project at Huff Post on May 21, 2017. She kept her word. In September, Bianca met with VFW and reported to them that she managed to raise $10,000. Having begun my prison journalism career with articles on gun control, I supported her efforts 100 percent. While the logistics of the project still need to be sorted out, I thought it was time to shine a light on what she was doing. An editor put me in touch with her and she was game to talk to me. Continue reading “A Prison Journalist’s Q&A with a Justice Advocate”

An Interview with Dean Manning

On July 1, Professor John Manning ‘85 was appointed the 13th Dean of Harvard Law School. The Record sat down with him for a conversation over the summer. Read on for his thoughts.

This interview has been condensed and edited for length and clarity.

The Record: I want to start out with the hard-hitting, big picture questions. What will be the effect on your teaching load this year?

Dean Manning: I plan on continuing teaching the Public Law Workshop with Professor Daphna Renan. We’ve got a great lineup of speakers. For my spring Legislation and Regulation class, Professor Jacob Gersen has kindly agreed to step in and teach that. In the first year on a new job, I want to focus on learning how to do the best job I can do. We’ll go from there and we’ll see what kind of teaching I can do in the years out.

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Perkins, Lee Elected 2017-18 Student Government President, VP

With 36.8% of the vote, 2Ls Adrian Perkins and Amanda Lee have been elected 2017-18 HLS Student Government President and Vice President, respectively. Downballot, 1L Paola Eisner was elected as the next Director of Student Organizations, and students overwhelmingly approved a referendum to create a new crest for HLS.

“We appreciate the support and confidence of the student body,” Perkins said.

“We look forward to working with everyone and bringing student voices to the table,” Lee said.

The two races for elected office were close, with Perkins and Lee winning by 2.5 percentage points over 2Ls Anika Khan and Tyra Walker. 2Ls Joe Sullivan and Jin Kim received 28.9% of the vote. In the Director of Student Organizations race, Eisner prevailed with a 1.2 percentage point margin over 2L Lane Kauder.

The races for 2L and 3L Representatives were uncontested. The 2017-18 2L Representatives will be Leilani Doktor, Kaitlyn Beck, and Sam Garcia. The 2017-18 3L Representatives will be Raj Salhotra and Cameron Pritchett.