Rebranding as Campaign for Political Equality, Harvard Rootstrikers Expand Mission

Money in politics in the United States is a defining issue of our time. The richest .01% of the population contributes at least 40% of the money in politics.[1] With many members of Congress spending over half of their working hours raising funds, and with the average successful Senate race costing more than $10 million,[2] the highly disproportionate spending power of the rich exacerbates the already undue influence that the wealthiest have in controlling our nation.

Rookstrikers—an organization started by Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig and others—was formed to address the issue of money in politics by striking at the root of many of the problems in our democracy: corrupt campaign finance law. Campaign finance remains a vital issue for reformers, but what the 2016 election and its aftermath has reinforced is that there are other urgent structural issues that also need to be addressed in order to reestablish the United States as a true, flourishing democracy.

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