Tyra Walker is a member of the Class of 2018.

Is it time yet to take Trump seriously?

Many across the United States and across the world watched with horror as the events and aftermath of Charlottesville unfolded this past week. It was absolutely surreal, however, to watch these events unfold from Berlin, where I was visiting. There, I understood with greater nuance how a charismatic leader, the repression of unfavorable journalism, and […]

Dear Heather Mac Donald

Dear Heather Mac Donald, In September, you came to Harvard Law School on the invitation of The Federalist Society to discuss the findings of your new book, The War on Cops. Because the audience was left with a negligible amount of time to engage, I wanted to take this time to respond. Your credentials are […]

A Vote For Hope

Many of us feel this week that, in the words of Aaron Sorkin, “hate has been given hope.” Emerging from this post-election frenzy, I want to offer some thoughts that have made me feel more hopeful today than I did yesterday. What remains as unequivocally true today as it was before November 8? Although the […]

If I Did It All Over Again

Since one of the most exhilarating experiences of my summer was rotating between couches to watch Ezra Edelman’s five-part ESPN documentary OJ: Made in America, I felt inclined to share my own tell-all account of how I would do 1L, if I did it all over again. Step 1. Start preparing for exams early. What […]