An Open Letter to the Harvard Law School Community

As members of the law faculty, we have all been proud of the activism, motivation and goals underlying Reclaim Harvard Law School. We fully support the University’s decision to retire the Law School’s Shield containing the Royall Crest, and acknowledge that this result would never have occurred were it not for the actions of Reclaim Harvard Law School and other individual students and groups who have pressed the school to face up to this part of its history.

But it is equally clear that the school would not have been able to achieve this important goal without the leadership of Dean Martha Minow. Which is why we believe that it is both wrong and counterproductive that some members of the Reclaim Harvard Law School movement and other individuals and organizations have singled Dean Minow out for such sharp and unfair criticism.

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Prof. Lazarus: Justice Scalia raised the bar on oral arguments and briefs

One does not forget one’s first argument before the U.S. Supreme Court. My own was October 7, 1986, the first Tuesday after the “First Monday” that year, which by tradition commences the Supreme Court Term. It was also Justice Scalia’s first term on the Court and I well remember his unrelenting and unforgiving grilling of a colleague of mine from the Solicitor General’s Office on that First Monday. And, unlike me, my colleague was a longstanding friend and acquaintance of the newly-minted Justice. He had been a student of Scalia’s at the University of Virginia School of Law, where Scalia had been a law professor, and then he had subsequently worked for Scalia in the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, when Scalia headed that Office as its Assistant Attorney General.

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