Pete Davis is a civic reformer from Falls Church, Virginia and a member of the Harvard Law School Class of 2018. Email Pete at

The Moral Community in the Wake of Postergate

The first editorial published in the Harvard Law Record this year was entitled “We Owe Each Other a Moral Community.”  This project — of doing the hard work of turning spaces into places, strangers into neighbors, and a professional training ground into a moral community — has seen better weeks than this one.  It is strange to see […]

Follow Professor King’s Lead: Without Experience with Legal Realities, 1Ls Left Unprepared to “Think Like A Lawyer”

It is often said that the purpose of Harvard Law School’s 1L curriculum is to prepare each student to “think like a lawyer.”  It would be much more accurate to say that the present curriculum aims to prepare each student to think like an attorney. The distinction is rarely articulated to students: an attorney is […]

End OCS’ Complicity in D.C.’s Revolving Door Corruption

In his final State of the Union address, President Barack Obama (JD ‘91) reminded each American that “our collective future depends on your willingness to uphold your obligations as a citizen.” It echoes Harvard Law School’s mission statement, which is to “educate leaders who contribute to the advancement of justice and well-being of society.” Unfortunately, […]

A Mission in Winter

Dear Harvard Law School Class of 2018, Harvard Law School’s stated mission is “to educate leaders who contribute to the advancement of justice and well being of society.” Every January, when the sun sets early and corporate interest law firms flock to campus to wine and dine us, that mission can fade to the background. […]