Professor Nesson Urges Civic Engagement on Question 4

If you ask a Harvard Law Student who Charles Nesson is, they might say “one of the founders of the Berkman Center.” They are far more likely, however, to respond, “he’s that one professor who smokes a lot of weed, right?” Charles Nesson is known for his eccentricities and eclectic tastes. Having the fortune of […]

Mercy For Animals General Counsel Vandhana Bala Describes Animal Welfare and the Power of Undercover Investigations

Vandhana Bala’s talk at HLS on April 6 provided a first hand perspective of some of the Animal Welfare Movement’s biggest hurdles and greatest successes, particularly as they relate to farmed animals. As stated on its website, Mercy For Animals “is an international non profit organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals and promoting […]

The Inextricability of Human and Animal Welfare

Caring about animal welfare is not a “white person thing,” Or at least it shouldn’t be. One of my favorite lyricists, Common, questions in his song “The People,” “why white folk focus on dogs and yoga.” Aptly named, “The People,” puts this in the context of the struggle that Common’s fellow African Americans and ultimately, […]