Fighting the Impulse to Harm

The following is not directed at any one group, person, or incident. The opinion belongs solely to the author. After recent events during this “Harvard Law Spring,” let’s pause. Do we want to inhabit a culture of human dignity, or an honor culture where every slight is met with face-saving, self-important insults? Do we want […]

A Note from the Editor-In-Chief on My Decision Not to Publish Videos Filmed Without Student Consent

Over the past few hours—interrupting my best efforts to finish up the (amazing) last few episodes of Daredevil—I’ve received numerous emails, most expressing disappointment, concerning my decision not to publish videos we received of anti-Reclaim posters being taken down or moved. My rationale for not publishing the videos is below; and unless something changes drastically, […]

Dean Martha Minow Reaffirms Harvard Law’s Commitment to Free Expression in a Letter to the Community

On April 1, Dean Martha Minow sent the email below to the entire law school community, reaffirming Harvard’s commitment to free expression and freedom of conscience. Earlier this week, students from Reclaim Harvard Law repeatedly removed critical signs posted in “Belinda Hall.” Dear members of the Law School community: As our community has focused on […]

After Months of Advocacy and Debate, Harvard Law Recommends Shield Change

As you’ve likely heard by now, Harvard Law School has recommended changing its shield. This decision comes after months of advocacy and debate. Most recently, a Record-conducted poll found that more than fifty percent of students support changing the shield. You may read Dean Minow’s transmittal letter here: You may read the committee’s report […]

Secretary Clinton, Join Bernie Sanders & the Democratic Party: Oppose Capital Punishment

The story of the Democratic primaries is Hillary Clinton’s leftward shift. (It remains unclear whether the story’s a fiction.) Strangely, a key position she’s not yet “evolved” on is held by more Republicans than Democrats: She’s pro-death penalty. Yes, Hillary’s said that execution should be reserved for “particularly heinous” crimes, that there should be adequate […]

How Dare Bernie Run!

“I wish he’d go away already.” From fellow Democrats, the refrain’s relentless. Why’s Bernie running? Why won’t his naïve supporters get real? Some of my female friends supporting Sanders are implored with special force and added frustration: Get in line! The socialist has no chance. He’s unrealistic. But is he really? Much of Sanders’s platform, […]

From Trump Rallies to College Campuses, Outrage Culture Is Killing Productive Discourse

President Obama took a lot of heat recently for criticizing college leftists who are offended by dissenting opinions. But he’s absolutely right: Productive discourse is dying, trampled over by closed minds who value comfortable opinion-holding over uncomfortable soul-searching. As dialogue lies flailing and gasping, outrage culture’s pulse is stronger than ever. We see the degraded […]