#HLSUntaped: A Voice from the Background

I’ve been encouraged by several classmates to share a comment I left on the Royall Asses blog several days ago. Although the introvert in me would rather not seek out attention and the pessimist in me doubts my words will achieve much in the way of change, I’ve decided that neither of these concerns presents a justifiable basis for slinking quietly back into the background.

I’ve spent the better part of my life lurking contentedly in the background, often because I’ve convinced myself that either no one will care what I have to say or that nothing I say will likely have any meaningful impact. Unfortunately, I suspect there are many more like me who sit silently by feeling as though their participation will amount to little. I further suspect that our collective silence, based on a lack of individual confidence, is significantly contributing to the ongoing and problematic status quo. So, although my original comment was written for the author(s) of the Royall Asses blog posts and those similarly inclined, I repost it here, in edited form, for those who still lurk in the background. I would encourage you to resist the urge to sit comfortably and quietly in the background, leaving the heavy lifting for others. Speak up. Use whatever voice you have, big or small. Continue reading #HLSUntaped: A Voice from the Background