#HLSUntaped: Royall Must Fall

The response by administration to the recent defacement of the portraits of black professors and calls to remove racist symbols at the law school has frankly been nothing short of disappointing and inadequate. Students of color have been warned not to fall down the unbecoming path of self-victimization by blowing such individualized and obscure racist incidences out of proportion. Such statements truly exemplify why the self-congratulatory nature of this generation is more racially toxic than those that came before.

Allow me to explain. At least in past generations racism was palpable; it was in the streets, embodied within the segregation laws enforced in schools and in public spaces. Now, students of color must fight a more sinister and furtive evil, one that is entangled within the very institutions that shout diversity and welcome you with open arms, flattering you with shiny red folders on which an undignified symbol of torture and aggression is routinely printed and glorified without question. Continue reading #HLSUntaped: Royall Must Fall