Princess Daisy Akita ’20 and Daniel Egel-Weiss ’20: Candidates for Student Government Co-President

Record: Your opponents keep saying you haven’t made any concrete changes. Have you?

Daniel Egel-Weiss: Absolutely. As Vice President of the Harvard Graduate Council this year, I founded the External Affairs Committee, which is the first advocacy subcommittee in the history of the Harvard Graduate Council. I would bring that expertise in how to advocate for Harvard students generally into the law school. Additionally, this year’s Student Government created the Hark Box, which provides a community space for all law students. We reformed the Student Funding Board, and the first weekend of orientation is now filled with community building exercises like Boda Borg and HLS Talks. So we would continue having Student Government be effective, but make it more known.

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Hannah Dawson ’20 and Nicholas James Pellow ’20: Candidates for 3L Representative

Hannah Dawson

Record: Has anything changed in the past year for you as far as how you would approach student government?

Hannah Dawson: I don’t think my general approach has changed. One of the things that I have learned from my experience as a 2L Rep is just how important it is to get out there and reach out to the constituencies that are going to be affected. Law school is incredibly busy, so as much as people may care about a particular issue, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have time in their schedule to make it out to a Wednesday night Student Government meeting. One of my goals is to figure out how to be as accessible as possible to people and to meet them where they are.

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Your Opinions Still Matter Even If People Won’t Change Their Minds

In the aftermath of Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation, I saw a lot of hopelessness, both abstract and functional. I’ve struggled in the past weeks to articulate what that means for The Record. If you haven’t noticed, our website looks terrible at the moment. That is partially not my fault, since we had a malware issue recently that required me to update everything and thus lose the web design, and partially entirely my fault, because I don’t know how to fix it and if I’m being honest, I’m not going to learn. I’m staring at my belly button a bit here, but it feels analogous to this moment in history: Everything is terrible, and it’s not really our fault, and we don’t know how to fix it.

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Now That I’ve Got Your Attention, Here’s a Listicle!

Dear 1Ls,

Welcome to Harvard Law! I know you’re all coming in with different backgrounds, expectations, and experiences, and that’s part of what makes HLS such a unique learning environment. I’m also aware that I wrote a similar piece last year, but I’ve changed a lot in the past year, and I certainly hope the same is true of all 2Ls and 3Ls who feel they have room for personal growth. That said, my advice this year will be less conventional than it was last year. What can I say? I’m a 3L now. This issue is full of great advice, and I’m just trying to fill in the gaps for you.

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An Interview with I. Glenn Cohen ’03

This interview has been condensed and edited for length and clarity.

The Record: What is the first thing you would want an incoming 1L to know before they start?

I. Glenn Cohen: You belong. There is a huge tendency to self-discount and to feel ill at ease. You come from probably being the most successful person in the milieau in which you grew up or in which you went to college, to suddenly being surrounded by a huge number of other high achievers, and for me, I feel this pretty acutely. I’m a first-gen student myself. Neither of my parents finished high school. I remember feeling hugely intimidated when I walked through the doors of this place. The fact of the matter is our admissions office is amazing. They truly do pick amazing people with something to contribute, and there are a million different ways to contribute. People tend to be at their worst when they are feeling the anxiety of not belonging or measuring up, and at their best when they feel there is a vibrant community to support them.

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Poll Results: Do Harvard Law 3Ls Want Jeff Flake to Speak?

Editor’s note: We used a Google Form to conduct this poll, and as such, it was impossible to prevent 1Ls and 2Ls from voting without identifying all voters. The voters in this data set should not be treated as a sample size representative of the Class of 2018. It is possible that this poll was circulated in some social circles and not others, and we did not share it anywhere except on our website and on our Facebook page.

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Pamela Gaulin and Jared Lax: Candidates for 3L Representative

Interview with Pamela Gaulin

Record: Why are you running for 3L Rep?

Pamela Gaulin: I have been involved in SG the last two years, and I think there is a lot of value they can bring to the students here. I think that it’s important to have people here who are committed to bringing about change through interacting with the administration.

R: So what would you like to get accomplished during 3L?

PG: I think a key thing in the past is that people maybe are not aware of who their representatives are, or what it is that we can actually do or accomplish, so empowering students to bring their issues to us, so that we can then take action through student

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Princess Daisy Akita: Candidate for Director of Student Organizations

Record: Why are you running for Director of Student Organizations?

Princess Daisy Akita: In my past year working with SG and working as a member of different organizations, I am honestly honored and inspired by how much time and energy people put into student orgs here at HLS in the context of a very demanding academic curriculum, and so my motivation is to help support that work and to empower student leaders, and make them able to give more and do even more for their organizations.

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Hannah Dawson, Daniel Egel-Weiss, and Radhe Patel: Candidates for 2L Representative

Interview with Hannah Dawson

Record: Why are you running for 2L Rep?

Hannah Dawson: I think the main reason I want to run for 2L rep is because I think there’s a trend in Student Government of doing amazing things, and I want to get involved and see how I can make Harvard Law School an even better place for students.

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Harvard Rabbits Tired of Paparazzi On Campus

CAMBRIDGE, MA – The Easter Bunny came to Harvard Law School to check in on the rabbits living there, and they had a lot to say about their lives on campus.

“Have the Harvard students been good this year?” he asked.

“I don’t know why you bother,” said Reuben McTickles, a plump brown cottontail who lives near Langdell. “Most of them aren’t even Christian, let alone regular churchgoers.”

“Fair enough,” said the Easter Bunny. “How’s life around here?”

“It’s horrifying. The neighborhood has really gone to the dogs,” said Sally O’Fluffkins, a little bunny who lives behind a bush near Griswold. “And I don’t just mean that labrador I see walking around all the time.”

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Denise Ghartey Elected HLAB President

Denise Ghartey ’19 has been elected President of the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau for 2018.

“We are excited to continue the work of this year’s board and to support the HLAB mission, which aims to promote racial justice and disrupt racial and socio-economic inequalities,” said Ghartey. “We will also increase our engagement with the Cambridge and Greater Boston Area community through community partnerships and radical political lawyering.”

HLAB’s outgoing President, Julian SpearChief-Morris ’18, is “thrilled” that Ghartey will serve as his replacement.

“[Ghartley] is a strong leader, she has an infectious personality, and she knows how to make those around her feel welcome and included,” he said. “She has a great understanding of the community in which the Bureau operates, and a unique insight into how the Bureau can be made more accessible to the people which it serves.”

What to See at HLS in the World

Our alumni readership keeps asking how we’re covering the bicentennial. That is to say, you should all attend HLS in the World on October 27th, because despite the fact that Harvard Law is basically a corporate professional school at this point, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have a modicum of intellectual curiosity, and neither would you. Plus, these talks are great!

But, of course, a lot of the talks are full now. You thought you were going to get into the talk on Marbury v. Madison with Susan Davies, Merrick Garland ’77, Kathleen Sullivan ’81, and Larry Tribe ’66 if you’re just now reading this article? LOL.

Here are my recommendations, so don’t say we didn’t tell you this was happening! Register here after you check out our previews.

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Keeping the Real World in Mind

Welcome to Harvard Law School! If you’re anything like me, even next year you’ll probably still be shaking your head in disbelief as a 2L.

I could give you general life advice, like “don’t judge people by the first impression,” or “say what you need to say,” or “don’t buy polyester suits or plastic shoes,” but those are easy enough, so I’ll give you some longer ones. Like all terrible things, my advice comes in threes.

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The Shatter Awards Celebrate Inclusive Professors

The annual Shatter Awards will take place on April 19th at 7 P.M. in Hark South, with a reception to follow. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The Shatter the Ceiling Committee hopes to recognize inclusive dialogue in the classroom, lectures that address social justice issues, providing mentorship to students from all walks of life, and accessibility through presenting these awards to professors who have demonstrated these qualities to many students, who subsequently voted for them.

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