Jim An is a member of the Harvard Law School Class of 2018.

Whom to Blame For Trump? You

A few days ago, I spoke to a Harvard Law alumnus, inter alia, about the recent presidential election. The alumnus had supported Barack Obama, worked as a plaintiff-side civil rights litigator, and also happens to be black. Ordinarily, he votes Democratic. Yet this year, he voted for Donald Trump. There are many people to blame for […]

People I Blame* For Trump

The Republican establishment since 1960 The media James Comey Minorities who voted for Trump[1] Democrats/liberals who didn’t vote Mark Zuckerberg Jill Stein voters Whites who voted for Trump Liberals who couldn’t stop labeling every Trump voter and/or white person a racist Liberals who didn’t call out the people in group 9 *The ordering is somewhat arbitrary, […]

Striking Workers Optimistic for Win on Vacation Work, Benefits

For the second day, Harvard University Dining Workers were on strike, clamoring for higher pay, vacation work, and better health insurance benefits. Negotiators for Local 26, the union that represents HUDS employees, met with two non-Harvard mediators on Thursday, and representatives for Local 26 expressed optimism that they would see their demands met. “We’re winning,” […]


Despite the fact that Nelly was one of the best-selling artists of the 2000s, he apparently owes the IRS a $2.4 million tax bill and may be having trouble paying it off. Based on the figures for royalties per stream, some websites have estimated that Nelly needs somewhere between 287 to 400 million streams to pay off his debts. […]

Disney Princesses, Ranked

With newly released research that maybe Disney Princesses are bad for your kids, the Record hereby presents the ranking of Disney Princesses* so you know how to mess up your kids the worst. Mulan While the whole princess enterprise, being based on a system of inherited privilege, is un-American and is probably Communist, this is […]

Federal Housing Agency Head Shouted Down By Protestors

Last Monday afternoon, protestors shouted down Melvin Watt, director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, from an event hosted at Harvard Law School. As Watt began to speak, the protestors stood up and began to complain loudly of malfeasance from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which the FHFA oversees. With chants of “Mel Watt you can’t hide, we can […]

Talking Past Each Other

A few weeks ago, I was at a restaurant up near Porter Square with two other law students. The three of us were eating and talking about race issues in the United States. Besides one other table, the place was basically empty. After the three of us had been talking for a while, a young […]

Reclaim HLS Activists Occupy Student Lounge

After a quiet winter term, student activism is back in the air at Harvard Law School. Since February 15, dozens of students have staged an indefinite occupation of the Wasserstein Lounge in a protest against what they see as an unjust institution and an opaque administration. Representing Reclaim Harvard Law School, the protestors have stayed […]

Protesters Draw Criticism over Actions, Proposals

In the past week, Reclaim Harvard Law School protesters have occupied Wasserstein Lounge, drawing dozens of supporters and holding free meals, speaker talks, and group meetings. However, the protesters, who are demanding changing to the Law School seal, hiring several critical race theory professors, and evaluating professors on the basis of implicit bias, among other […]

Bluebook Origin Myth Hides Newly Found, Controversial Past

Everything you know is wrong. At least that’s what a forthcoming article by Harvard Law School graduate and current Yale Law librarian Fred Shapiro ‘80 and co-author Julie Graves Krishnaswami claims about the Bluebook. The received origins of the Bluebook, bane of lawyers and lawyers-to-be everywhere, goes a little something like this: Once upon a time, there […]