This letter was written by the following individuals, listed by their organizational affiliation: David A. Azcárraga '18, La Alianza; Amanda Chan '18, Affinity Group Coalition; Leilani Doktor '19, Native American Law Students Association; Elizabeth Gyori '19, Asian Pacific American Law Students Association; Peter Im '18, Asian Pacific American Law Students Association; Milo Inglehart '19, Lambda; Gideon Palte '18, Jewish Law Students Association; and Thaya Uthayophas, HLS Advocates for Human Rights.

Dear Community: Condemn Intent Behind Stickers

Dear Community, On the evening of October 31, stickers with the words, “IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE,” were posted around the entrance of WCC. Similar stickers appeared around Cambridge and other parts of the United States and Canada. According to an online forum, the stickers were intended to convey a “harmless” message that would leave “the […]