Brianna Rennix is the editor-in-chief of The Record and a member of the Harvard Law School Class of 2018.

Some Useful Things to Know

1. There is a hallway on the second floor of Wasserstein that leads straight into the Hark cafeteria. It’s on the far right as you face the big window. Not the side with the Milstein rooms, where you got to sit through all those Orientation speeches — the other side. I am an idiot, and […]

Brexit, Pursued By Bear

Ah, how quickly the years fly by. It feels like only yesterday that my college roommates and I were dancing around our living room to this episode of Auto-Tune the News, in which Nigel Farage hurls a barrage of insults at Herman Van Rompuy, then-President of the European Council. For anybody who’s new to the […]

Letting in refugees is a moral imperative

It currently takes anywhere from 18 months to three years for a Syrian refugee to be processed for admission to the United States. Eleven state governors, several presidential hopefuls, and around 56% of the American public believe that Syrian refugees should not be allowed into the U.S. at all. The Obama administration has insisted that […]

Hamilton Takes Harvard

Ever wonder what Harvard professors sing in the shower? These days, there’s a good chance it’s a song from the musical Hamilton. “I’m a huge fan of the music,” says Glenn Cohen, law professor and director of the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy. “I often sing it in the shower. As a Canadian, much […]

“Slave-Owning, Slave-Trading Murderers”: Students Call on Harvard Law School to Address Historical Ties to Slavery

You won’t go far at Harvard Law School without running into the Royalls. In the Treasure Room of Langdell Library hangs a large portrait of the family of Isaac Royall, Jr. Each year, first-year Harvard Law School students sit together beneath this painting as they enjoy a welcome meal with the Dean. Isaac Royall is […]

Justice Kennedy Comes to Campus

On October 23, Justice Anthony Kennedy sat down with Dean Martha Minow for a discussion on his experiences as a Supreme Court Justice, law professor, and practicing attorney. The conversation touched on topics ranging from corrections to campaign finance to his Supreme Court legacy. Kennedy thanked the dean for not using the term “swing vote” […]

Pope Francis and the Rhetoric of Rights

On October 16, members of the Catholic Law Students Association and Advocates for Human Rights came together for a talk about Pope Francis and human rights. The discussion was led by law and history professor Samuel Moyn, the author of a recent Washington Post article with the eye-catching title “Pope Francis has given up on […]