#HLSUntaped: White Allies: Acknowledging Racism Is Not Enough

Last week, I found out that anonymous law students created a website criticizing me, Mawuse Hor Vormawor, and AJ Clayborne because we are members of Royall Must Fall.

This website is a reminder that overt racism and homophobia continue to exist at Harvard Law School. Our classmates claim that Mawuse, AJ, and I do not know how to read or write and that we were only admitted into Harvard because we are minorities who care about minority issues (the website “calls me out” for being gay and for being from Kentucky and Texas).

The website speaks for itself in urging us to do exactly the opposite of what its creators want: to confront and dismantle systemic racism that pervades our school and society. Tellingly, the website’s creators also ignore an important criticism against me: that I am a lifelong beneficiary of white supremacy. Continue reading #HLSUntaped: White Allies: Acknowledging Racism Is Not Enough