Inequality in the Market for Speech

There’s a lot of talk of free speech in contemporary American discourse in general and at Harvard Law School in particular. Despite all this talk, very little is said by way of explaining what it would mean for speech to be free. There is a deep-seated—sometimes healthy, sometimes not—distrust of speech regulation, both institutional and […]

The Self-Defeating Argument for Hillary Clinton

I have seen a certain type of argument made recently by supporters of Hillary Clinton. The argument goes something like this: because of aggressive, ambient sexism in general, and Sec. Clinton’s decades of high-profile public life and service in particular, she has faced extreme challenges that no other mainstream candidate (and particularly not Bernie Sanders) […]

In Response to Bill Barlow’s “Fascism at Yale”: Who’s Being Coddled Here?

This article was submitted by the author as a response to Bill Barlow’s recent op-ed, “Fascism at Yale.” “What does it require for a subperson to assert himself or herself politically? To begin with, it means simply, or not so simply, claiming the moral status of personhood. So it means challenging the white-constructed ontology that […]