Alexandra Rawlings is a 1L at Harvard Law School. Andrew Donnelly is a Ph.D. candidate in English at Harvard, is a member of HGSU-UAW, and has been assisting the union in its case at the NLRB. Charles Du is 3L at Yale Law School. Jonathon Booth is a 1L at Harvard Law School and a Ph.D. candidate in history. Will Bloom is a 3L at Yale Law School. William J. Rainsford is a 3L at Northeastern University School of Law and a member of Graduate Employees of Northeastern University-UAW.

Harvard Graduate Student Union’s NLRB Objections Go to the Foundations of Fair Elections

The historic graduate student union election at Harvard in November was the first graduate student union election since the National Labor Relations Board’s August 2016 decision in Columbia University[i] restored the right to bargain collectively to student workers. Since then, graduate students have voted to unionize at Columbia[ii] and Yale[iii] Universities, a graduate student union […]