More Harvard Lab Cruelty Exposed? Enough is Enough.

Ever wondered what happens to animals in laboratories?

A whistleblower has just leaked photos and allegations of animal abuse at a Harvard lab. If you’re thinking, “Haven’t I heard this one before?” it’s because you pretty much have. The source, a Harvard Medical School (HMS) insider, reached out to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The whistleblower describes HMS experimenters injecting mice and rats with caustic materials, and killing and decapitating the animals.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, PETA then secured correspondence between HMS and the National Institutes of Health Continue reading “More Harvard Lab Cruelty Exposed? Enough is Enough.”

A Letter To my Fellow 3Ls on Finding the One Who’s Right for You

Graduating means moving on to the next stage of life. This often includes commitment and settling down. In other words, you may find yourself fantasizing about getting a dog.

If so, I have a tip on the best way to find your best friend: adopt.

If you like online dating, you can find a cute, friendly, adoptable animal on To recreate the Tinder experience, use the Petfinder app. Or, if you prefer the bar scene, you can swing by your local shelter to scope out the crowd. (Around here, try the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.)

Adopting lets you save a life. Shelters have fun, playful, clever animals who need a home, just waiting for you. Continue reading “A Letter To my Fellow 3Ls on Finding the One Who’s Right for You”

Harvard Professor Stands Up to Laboratory that Would Use Him as Pawn

When a laboratory said it would donate money to a wildlife organization, the lab probably expected the organization to express appreciation. But Harvard’s Professor Richard Wrangham, who runs Kibale Chimpanzee Snare Removal Project in Uganda, saw through Yerkes National Primate Research Center’s plan. Prof. Wrangham turned down the money and jumped into an administrative law battle as Yerkes’ biggest critic. Continue reading “Harvard Professor Stands Up to Laboratory that Would Use Him as Pawn”

Chicks Will Get On the Ballot

It looks like, in 2016, our state’s ballot will ask voters whether a chick deserves enough space to stretch her wings.

Last week, Massachusetts received 130,000 signatures of voters who want a farm animal protection question on the ballottwice the required number. This initiative received more signatures than any other pro-animal initiative in Massachusetts so far. HLS students helped gather signatures on and off campus. Now the Secretary of the Commonwealth just needs to approve the votes.

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Letter: Would the Governor Have Let My Family Die? 

Dear Editor,

I owe my existence to England letting in Holocaust refugees. I feel so sad that our state wants to keep refugees out now.

I had thought that everyone learned a lesson from the Holocaust. The U.S. turned away Jewish refugees, leaving many of my people to die in concentration camps. How can states wish to do that again?

Alene Anello

Alene Anello is a third-year student at Harvard Law School.

Antibiotics for Lunch?

Would you buy chicken meat labeled, “from poultry fed antibiotics”?

Today’s factory farms feed animals sub-therapeutic doses of antibiotics as part of a daily diet to make the animals fat. For unknown reasons, small daily doses of antibiotics makes animals grow bigger with the same amount of food.

However, feeding farm animals sub-therapeutic doses is hazardous to human health. According to some experts, when we eat antibiotic-fed meat, we get fat, too. Continue reading “Antibiotics for Lunch?”