The Strange Administration of Martha Minow

Last week a group of students and I from Reclaim HLS travelled to Brandeis University to stage a protest during an award ceremony for Dean Minow. She was receiving the Joseph B. and Toby Gittler Prize which is “presented annually to a person whose body of published work reflects scholarly excellence and makes a lasting […]

The Myth of the Neutral Center

Recently, Mike Shammas, Editor-in-Chief of The Record, wrote an article declaiming the present state of democratic discourse. His targets ranged from Donald Trump and his supporters to “student protesters”: We see [the death of ‘productive discourse’] in Donald Trump’s xenophobia. We see it in the smug rise of a regressive, illiberal “liberalism” on college campuses […]

New Seal, New Century

In 2017 Harvard Law School will enter its third century as an elite institution that educates the leaders of American law and policy. As always, this period of transition offers a risk and an opportunity. Will the law school continue to perpetuate systemic racism and inequality? Or will it choose to fulfill its mission to […]