Harvard commemorates September 11th

On a somber, breezy afternoon yesterday, over ten thousand students from around the University gathered to participate in a memorial service commemorating the September 11 attacks. Held in front of the Tercentenary Theater in Harvard Yard, the service featured devotional readings from many of the world’s religious traditions.

Five win Sears Prize

In a couple of unusual twists, this year’s Joshua Montgomery Sears, Jr. prize went to five recipients rather than four, and all five of the recipients are on the Harvard Law Review. Together, the five have pretty impressive resumes.

Law Review Posts More Low Female Numbers

When the Class of 2004 Law Review members congregated as a group for the first time this August, they found that a surprising three-quarters of them shared a common characteristic — they were men. Despite a “double-blind” selection process and recruitment efforts geared towards women, only 11 of the 43 successful 2L applications this year were those of women.

Orientation and the Fleet Bank Man

1L orientation isn’t so easy JEREMY BLACHMAN discovers. While there are all of those goodies from Lexis and Westlaw, there’s also wheelbarrows full of flyers, brochures and maps. And that’s not to mention the stuff you get from the Fleet Bank man.