Out of HLS, into Africa

What can be so exciting about punching the clock, meeting deadlines and reporting to supervisors, you ask? Your perspective on work changes when you’re traveling to Accra, Ghana to join the team of lawyers and interns who commit themselves to ensuring human rights for the entire nation.

Without new advisor, OPIA faces crunch

The Office of Public Interest Advising is both desperate for a hire and not going to settle. Though authorized last spring, the search for a second full-time OPIA adviser still continues. And unless someone is hired after the coming rounds of interviews, students are likely to experience advising delays akin to last year’s record.

California love?

Law firm hiring, like the economy, is cyclical. We have seen ups and downs over the past 20 years. Following the explosive growth in the late 1990s, we are once again in a downswing.

Attack of the invisible insects!

Ever feel like your life is being ruined by extraterrestrials? Invisible insects? The Orkin man? Payne Ratner’s new play Infestation, at the Boston Playwrights’ Theatre through this Sunday, depicts the intersection of three personal crises in black comedic fashion.

Being a business man

Rather than take a law job, this summer BILLY GONZALEZ accepted a position in the mergers and acquisitions group at Merrill Lynch’s Investment Banking Division. He shares his expirences contrasting firms with I-Banking.

Vino & Veritas: Serving OWGGs

If you consider yourself an Accomplished Wine Person (AWP), you should probably stop reading now. This column is not for you. Don’t feel slighted — for two years you had Justin Dillon, who rivaled most professional enologists. (“Enology” or “oenology,” both pronounced een-ology, is the SAT vocab word for the science of wine and winemaking, from the Greek for “wine,” oinos.

Orientation and the Fleet Bank Man

1L orientation isn’t so easy JEREMY BLACHMAN discovers. While there are all of those goodies from Lexis and Westlaw, there’s also wheelbarrows full of flyers, brochures and maps. And that’s not to mention the stuff you get from the Fleet Bank man.

Jag must go: Time for civil disobedience

The U.S. military ought to change its slogan. What it really means is: “Be all that you can be, unless you’re being gay.” After the military threatened the withdrawal of hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding unless Harvard Law School permitted the military to interview through OCS, Dean Clark was forced to allow the employer on campus despite its formal policy of discrimination against gays and lesbians.