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Opinion  /  March 29, 2012  / 

Twelve (x 10) Angry Students

Law school students often pride themselves on their cool, analytical approach to important issues. This intellectual outlook reflects empirical recognition that life is rarely tidy and all is not always what it seems. Nowhere is the aspiration to preternatural calm in the legal world stronger than in the famous film Twelve Angry Men. The movie depicts jurors delving deeper into the facts of a murder case in pursuit of the truth of the matter. A defendant originally thought to be obviously culpable at first ultimately emerges as not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That sort of detached and principled examination of the facts seems conspicuously absent at Harvard Law with respect to the Trayvon Martin shooting. As documented in the Boston Globe, many Law students showed up for a vigil Monday night in remembrance of the 17-year-old Floridian. It’s perfectly reasonable, of course, to mourn any untimely death, but many … Continue reading

News / Photos  /  March 26, 2012  / 

Vigil for Trayvon Martin


Over a hundred students attended a vigil for Trayvon Martin held Monday night by the Black Law Students Association. Dean Martha Minow and Professor Ronald S. Sullivan spoke at the event.