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News  /  October 15, 2012  / 

Student Representative Board Officer Positions Uncontested, Only Two Contested Positions

All but two of the positions on the new Student Representative Board are uncontested, making Lisa Lana, ’14, the Board’s new President; Andrew London, ’14, the Board’s new Vice President; and Valerie Duchesneau, ’14, the new Director of Student Organizations. The only contested elections will be that for 1L Section 1 Representative and LLM Representative.  There are 10 positions with no declared candidates: four 1L Section Representative positions, two 2L Representative positions, and four 3L Representative positions. Two 1L sections had only one declared candidate, making those positions uncontested. Only two students have declared their candidacy for the four positions of 2L Representative.

Opinion  /  March 26, 2012  / 

State, National and Regionally-Focused Student Organizations: A Win-Win Scenario

The world is rapidly changing, and Harvard Law School must keep pace. Global flows of people, goods, and ideas, fueled by technological advances, are merging the local and the global. Harvard University is responding. President Drew Faust has on several occasions expressed her commitment to intensifying the internationalization of Harvard. Internationally trained academics are assuming leading positions at the University. Nitin Nohria, Dean of Harvard Business School, completed his chemical engineering and management training in India and the United States respectively. Harvard Law School is also changing. For the first time ever, over 10 percent of this year’s J.D. class comes from countries other than the United States.  Formal partnerships, exchange programs and cross-institutional degree and diploma granting arrangements offer students and faculty unprecedented opportunities for global engagement.  The “Globalization, Lawyers, and Emerging Economies” project led by the Program on the Legal Profession, the Institute for Global Law and Policy and a … Continue reading

Opinion  /  March 22, 2012  / 

Student Government Upstages Parody

When I first saw The Record story describing the Student Government equivalent of the Midnight Judges scandal (well, equivalent if President Adams had tried to appoint himself to Congress), I thought it had to be a mistake.  Surely no HLS student could possibly fail to discern the two obvious lessons of the recent presidential election: (1) the student body wants transparency and change in Student Government and (2) the student body is sick of members of Student Government acting immaturely, as when the presidential candidates were hurling inane insults at each other. Contrary to all common sense, however, a note on the amendment apparently added by its drafter(s) reads, “expire Commencement 2012?,” suggesting that the amendment might only apply in this particular year for these particular people. This amendment would overrule an amendment dating back an entire month mandating that terms end on April 1. Let’s dispense quickly of the idea that the move … Continue reading

News  /  March 21, 2012  / 

Student Government Proposals to Extend Some Members’ Terms, Increase Transparency

A series of amendments to Student Government’s Constitution have been proposed that, if passed, could extend some current members’ terms; mandate disclosure of bylaws, meeting minutes and attendance logs; and limit access to meetings, according to e-mails leaked to The Record. An anonymous source leaked the proposed amendments, accessible via hyperlink, to The Record. The amendments appeared to have been sent to Student Government members a little before 9 p.m. Tuesday night. Although Matt Gelfand, Law ’12, was elected Student Government President, on March 7, his term, under the current Constitution, Article III, Section 1, does not start until April 1. The proposed amendment to Article IX, Section 1(6) would permit the current President and Vice President to “participate in Student Government Meetings as Emerita Board members” from April 1 to Commencement. If passed, this amendment could allow the current President  and Vice President to, under Article X, Section 2(3), vote for … Continue reading

Opinion  /  March 19, 2012  / 

Shared Interests Across Schools: Let’s Make One Harvard a Reality

For the first time in Harvard’s history, the Council of the Dean of Students recognized university-wide student groups for the 2011-2012 academic year. This followed a two-year effort by students making the case University-wide groups. While the deans were completely on-board and very supportive of the idea in principle, we faced significant obstacles common to a decentralized University with dispersed systems. The challenge was to make these systems work together without a central system in place to recognize and support such student collaboration, especially when it came to funding and the monitoring and dispersal of those funds. The Council agreed to recognize up to 10 groups for the inaugural pilot year: seven such groups were eventually recognized. The case we made to the Council was two-pronged: some groups of students (in this case from Pakistan) while present throughout schools, were not present in large enough numbers in any particular school … Continue reading

Opinion  /  March 9, 2012  / 

Why So Serious? How the Joker Won

The Student Government Election started out small. But by the time it was over, it had turned into a huge circus with people waving signs, handing out cookies, displaying videos, writing letters, submitting emergency motions to disclose minutes, and pasting stickers on willing bystanders. But when the dust settled, an unexpected result emerged: the 3L candidate, “the Joker” had won against the two more “serious” tickets. How did this happen? First a little background: There were three tickets for student government: Shah/Chinsky (the Establishment Ticket), Vargas/Lai (the Insurgency), and Gelfand/Roberts (the Joker.) The Joker campaigned on a promise to fix certain procedural difficulties with the Constitution and after fixing these problems, to resign. Given that the Joker has promised to resign after completing his mission, I thought it might be helpful to candidates of the other two campaigns to write a little summary of the election and some constructive criticism … Continue reading

Opinion  /  March 8, 2012  / 

The Repudiation Election

Well, that was certainly the most entertaining Student Government election I’ve ever witnessed.  Before getting to my main point, I first want to take a second to thank the candidates for running.  I am sure that the last couple days have been very stressful for all involved, but this election was definitely an alembic that generated the highest ever level of interest in Student Government. Now that I’ve said all the nice stuff, on to the melodramatic insanity of the four day campaign.  I came into class in Austin North on Monday to find a flyer suggesting that former Presidential Candidate Daniel Vargas, S.J.D. Candidate, had poor attendance at Student Government meetings. Not to be outdone, Vargas himself handed me a flyer on my way back from class claiming that his opponent, Rachna Shah, Law ’13, had voted for discriminatory policies. Claiming that an HLS student voted against diversity is like claiming … Continue reading

News  /  March 7, 2012  / 

Polls Open, Student Government Presidential Candidates Articulate Platforms (Updated)

Polls for Student Government elections opened Wednesday at 9 a.m. and will remain open until 5 p.m.

News  /  March 7, 2012  / 

Stay of Election Requested (Updated)

Update (1:29 p.m, March 7, 2012): Student Government elections have proceeded as scheduled.  No sanctions were issued at this morning’s meeting against any candidate. According to an anonymous source, Student Government earlier today received a request for a stay of the election, which was scheduled to begin at 9 a.m Wednesday. The request was accompanied by a complaint alleging candidates Daniel Vargas, LLM ’06, S.J.D. Candidate, and Judy Lai, Law ’13, violated Section III.1 of the Student Government Election Bylaws, which provides, “Candidates must act in a responsible and ethical manner.” President of Student Government Skyler Cho, in accordance with Section III.2.2 of the Student Government Election Bylaws, stating “As soon as practicable, the President, Vice President, the complainant, and the alleged violators will be invited to meet with the Dean of Students,” invited Presidential Candidate and current Vice President Rachna Shah, Law ’13, and Vargas and their respective running mates to meet with him … Continue reading

News  /  March 7, 2012  / 

Student Government Minutes Released, Reveal $20,000 Budget, Internal Discussions

Student Government released its minutes and attendance record Tuesday at 4 p.m., approximately eight hours after Rachna Shah, Law ’13, Vice President and candidate for President, e-mailed an emergency motion for disclosure to Student Government members. The October 19, 2011 General Body Meeting Minutes suggest that Student Government has a budget of $20,000. The minutes read: “What is our funding? $20,000″. According to Dean of Students Ellen Cosgrove, who was interviewed by The Record in early January, this year’s total annual budget for student organizations, is $187,000. The October 12, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes suggest that Student Government allocated $500 in drink tickets for approximately 140 drinks for the first Pub Night. The October 26, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes suggest that only 35 students attended that Pub Night and 100 drink tickets were distributed.