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Statistics Suggest Few Top Law School Grads Employed In Public Sector

2012.11.14 Top Law Schools Comparison

According to NerdWallet’s Law School Comparison tool, which pulled post-graduate information from thousands of law school graduates from the classes of 2009 through 2011, Columbia Law School graduates reported the highest average salary across all job categories. According to NerdWallet’s Law School Comparison tool, 7 percent of of Harvard Law graduates are employed in the public interest sector, compared to 11 percent of Yale Law School graduates, 5 percent of Stanford Law School graduates, and 4 percent of Columbia Law School graduates. The majority of recent graduates at Stanford, Columbia, and Harvard are employed at law firms, while only 37 percent of Yale Law recent graduates are at law firms. The average salaries of recent Harvard graduates employed at law firms was $154,430, compared to the public interest average salaries of $41,742. Source: NerdWallet’s Law School Comparison tool

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We’re Back: The Five Goals of Firmly Refuse

Dear 1Ls, Welcome to the funnel. Really, we hate to burst your bubble. It pains us to do so. Your first few months of law school have been a blast, click clacking your way up a huge rollercoaster lift, and you have no idea how far you have to fall. It’s late autumn and your peers rush to schedule OPIA appointments. Click. Everyone’s doing something positive for their 1L summer. Clack. And you have no reason to believe that your friends will abandon their ambitions for easy money. Click. After all, how could somebody who did TFA go on to defend the corrupt actors responsible for our national foreclosure crisis? Clack. Or the tens of thousands of cancer-causing chemicals in everyday products? Click. Or the climate change that caused Hurricane Sandy? Clack. Clack. Clack. But defend them they will. Your peers will put aside their hopes and dreams and good … Continue reading