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Opinion  /  February 16, 2012  / 

“Public Interest” is Not in the Public’s Interest

Following the point-counter-point published here on The Record over the One Day’s Work program, I feel compelled to issue a counter-counter point disagreeing with both sides.

Opinion  /  February 15, 2012  / 

Even Harvard Students Need Their Earnings

I’m a Harvard Law 2L (who plans to work in public interest, I note) writing to voice my discomfort with the marketing campaign employed by One Day’s Work, the program that encourages students taking firm jobs to donate a day’s worth of income to support our peers going into public interest work. Since the promoters of this campaign have spoken only in the loftiest of terms in their promotional materials, here’s a numerical breakdown of what’s being asked of us. For those taking jobs with pay scales tied to the so-called market rate of $160,000 per year, dividing that by 12 gives a monthly rate of about $13,333. Further diving that by 21 work days per month gives us a one-day contribution of about $635. To put it in context, that’s 8.8 percent of the $7,200 Summer Living Allowance computed by the financial aid office. Please Don’t Assume I’m Well-Off … Continue reading