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Opinion  /  November 29, 2012  / 

Why I Chose Corporate

When I started law school I was sure I would be a litigator.  In part this was because the task of constructing and criticizing arguments was what appealed to me about law in the first place; but it was also because I had virtually no idea what a transactional lawyer did.  Finance had never much appealed to me, and my background prior to law school had been largely in academia, not business.  Litigation seemed like a natural fit. But for a variety of reasons, I ended up choosing to begin my career doing corporate work.  The more I learned about what such work entailed, the more interested I became in it, and I realized that while litigation seemed to be a much better fit with my background, corporate was a better match for my personality and what I wanted out of my career. There were some practical concerns that made … Continue reading

News  /  May 1, 2012  / 

OCS Responds To Dewey Troubles

According to the Office of Career Services, a “handful” of Harvard Law students were affected by Dewey LeBoeuf’s recent financial difficulties, and OCS has contacted “several firms on behalf of our students to see if the firms could make room for an additional 2L or 3L.” “During the past few weeks, we have reached out to all [the] 2Ls and 3Ls that we knew were going to Dewey,” Assistant Dean for Career Services Mark Weber said, “We have met with many of them to help them adjust, adapt, and respond to a very difficult and unfortunate situation at Dewey.” “I am confident that when the dust settles all students impacted will have found other excellent opportunities,” Weber said. According to Weber, 1Ls interested in learning more about how to evaluate potential employers’ financial situations should read the Evaluating Offers section of the OCS web site. “Even if you ask all the … Continue reading

Opinion  /  April 10, 2012  / 

A 2L’s Reflections on EIP

If the Office of Career Services is adopting the same approach it did last year, then 1Ls will by now have been instructed by Assistant Dean of Career Services Mark Weber that they need not worry about the Early Interview Program because everyone will be fine and will get a great job—except of course for those who won’t be fine and won’t get a great job, because, after all, it’s not 2007 anymore. OCS’s simultaneously anxiety-inducing and reassuring message is one of the many odd aspects of EIP that stand out in my mind as I reflect on the bizarre experience that is EIP. The oddities of EIP only just begin with OCS, and the experience suprised me in a number of ways. For instance, EIP was actually a lot of fun. While the thought of participating in somewhere around 25 interviews over the course of five days was daunting, … Continue reading