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Opinion  /  October 16, 2012  / 

The Middle Shall Inherit the Earth: America’s Sin of Omission

My first job after college was as a teacher in Cotulla, Texas, in a small Mexican-American school. Few of them could speak English and I couldn’t speak much Spanish. My students were poor and they often came to class without breakfast, hungry. And they knew even in their youth the pain of prejudice. They never seemed to know why people disliked them, but they knew it was so. Because I saw it in their eyes. […] And somehow you never forget what poverty and hatred can do when you see its scars on the hopeful face of a young child. I never thought, then in 1928, that I’d be standing here in 1965. It never even occurred to me in my fondest dreams that I might have the chance to help the sons and daughters of those students, and to help people like them all over this country. But now … Continue reading

Opinion  /  April 12, 2012  / 

Romney and Obama Fight Over Who Loves Harvard Less

It is finally here. The Most Important Presidential Election Ever. The technocrat vs. the conciliator. The protean vs. the proletarian. The guy who made his dog ride on the top of the car vs. the guy who gave the Queen of England pictures and recordings of himself talking.  The electoral champion who vanquished the mighty Rick Santorum (loser of his last election six years ago by eighteen points) and Ron Paul (whose campaign may have been sabotaged by the candidate’s inability to monitor the horribly racist newsletters issued under his name) vs. the unbeatable hero who managed to defeat a supremely unpopular incumbent party during the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression when his septuagenarian opponent sat out his own campaign for a few days to look presidential. One could imagine that a clash of such titans would focus right from the outset on the most important issues facing … Continue reading

Opinion  /  February 27, 2012  / 

Indefinite Detention Under the NDAA: the Great Attack on Civil Liberties You May Not Have Heard About

On December 31, 2011, President Barack Obama signed the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law.  Many of you may not have heard of it because the holidays aren’t exactly conducive to keeping up with current events, but the NDAA represents one of the most dramatic attacks on civil liberties in this country in many years. While the NDAA contains many routine provisions related to defense spending, there are two particular provisions that should deeply trouble any American concerned with the encroachment upon civil liberties that has been the hallmark of post-9/11 America. Section 1021 affirms that the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) authorizes detention of anybody whom the President determines was involved in the attacks of 9/11, as well as detention of anybody who substantially supports or is a member of al-Qaeda, the Taliban or associated forces.  This detention is authorized so long as the … Continue reading

Opinion  /  February 21, 2012  / 

Open Letter to Law Review Regarding Escalating Constitutional Transgressions by the President

We strongly urge the Harvard Law Review to invite President Barack Obama, a former President of the Law Review, to participate in a symposium organized by you to answer the contemporary constitutional crisis precipitated by the concentration of power in the Office of the President of the United States irrespective of party affiliation. The danger of an omnipotent president is institutional, not personal. Each president betters the instruction of the unconstitutional abuses and usurpations of his predecessor. The Office of the President is no longer under the law, but is the law. A true patriot, Thomas Paine sermonized, saves his country from his government. Based on secret facts and secret law, the presidency assassinates American citizens on his say-so alone. Based on secret evidence, the presidency detains American citizens for life without accusation or trial. In the dark of night, the presidency employs extraordinary renditions to dispatch non-accused detainees to … Continue reading