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Opinion  /  February 21, 2012  / 

Open Letter to Law Review Regarding Escalating Constitutional Transgressions by the President

We strongly urge the Harvard Law Review to invite President Barack Obama, a former President of the Law Review, to participate in a symposium organized by you to answer the contemporary constitutional crisis precipitated by the concentration of power in the Office of the President of the United States irrespective of party affiliation. The danger of an omnipotent president is institutional, not personal. Each president betters the instruction of the unconstitutional abuses and usurpations of his predecessor. The Office of the President is no longer under the law, but is the law. A true patriot, Thomas Paine sermonized, saves his country from his government. Based on secret facts and secret law, the presidency assassinates American citizens on his say-so alone. Based on secret evidence, the presidency detains American citizens for life without accusation or trial. In the dark of night, the presidency employs extraordinary renditions to dispatch non-accused detainees to … Continue reading

News  /  February 8, 2012  / 

Fein, Nader Speak at Forum, Criticize Obama, Legal Profession

Fein and Nader

Fein and Nader Bruce Fein, ’72, and Ralph Nader, ’58, spoke Wednesday at noon at this year’s Forum entitled “America’s Lawless Empire: The Constitutional Crimes of Bush and Obama.” In his address, Nader called for law students to act to protect the Constitution. “You speak with moral authority to working lawyers and faculty and judges,” he said to attending law students, “You may not know that. But when, in the past, law students put up petitions and proclamations, the rest of the profession knew that those were heartfelt expressions of idealism. They knew that the law students did not have a commericial retainer to motivate them. They knew the law students did not have an axe to grind. And that’s why they knew the law students had moral authority. And you can communicate with tens of thousands of law students, free, over the Internet, which we did not have. And you can mount a … Continue reading

Opinion  /  February 6, 2012  / 

America’s Lawless Empire

Among my indelible memories of the Law School in the “conforming Fifties” were two events. One was an address by Robert Hutchins (Dean of Yale Law School at age 29, then President of the University of Chicago) at a packed Austin Hall where he asked us “What is the purpose of the Harvard Law School?” There was a wave of smiles and snickers for what many thought was either an off-the-wall Socratic sally or just Hutchins being Hutchins asking an impossibly provocative question? Why, didn’t he know that Harvard Law School had no collective purpose beyond assembling scholarly faculty and motivated students?