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Opinion  /  March 26, 2012  / 

State, National and Regionally-Focused Student Organizations: A Win-Win Scenario

The world is rapidly changing, and Harvard Law School must keep pace. Global flows of people, goods, and ideas, fueled by technological advances, are merging the local and the global. Harvard University is responding. President Drew Faust has on several occasions expressed her commitment to intensifying the internationalization of Harvard. Internationally trained academics are assuming leading positions at the University. Nitin Nohria, Dean of Harvard Business School, completed his chemical engineering and management training in India and the United States respectively. Harvard Law School is also changing. For the first time ever, over 10 percent of this year’s J.D. class comes from countries other than the United States.  Formal partnerships, exchange programs and cross-institutional degree and diploma granting arrangements offer students and faculty unprecedented opportunities for global engagement.  The “Globalization, Lawyers, and Emerging Economies” project led by the Program on the Legal Profession, the Institute for Global Law and Policy and a … Continue reading

Opinion  /  March 19, 2012  / 

Shared Interests Across Schools: Let’s Make One Harvard a Reality

For the first time in Harvard’s history, the Council of the Dean of Students recognized university-wide student groups for the 2011-2012 academic year. This followed a two-year effort by students making the case University-wide groups. While the deans were completely on-board and very supportive of the idea in principle, we faced significant obstacles common to a decentralized University with dispersed systems. The challenge was to make these systems work together without a central system in place to recognize and support such student collaboration, especially when it came to funding and the monitoring and dispersal of those funds. The Council agreed to recognize up to 10 groups for the inaugural pilot year: seven such groups were eventually recognized. The case we made to the Council was two-pronged: some groups of students (in this case from Pakistan) while present throughout schools, were not present in large enough numbers in any particular school … Continue reading

Opinion  /  March 5, 2012  / 

E Pluribus Unum: HLS Should Welcome Identity Groups

“The life of the law has not been logic; it has been experience.” Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. could very well be talking about law school life in general, and not just judging. If for nothing else, the formative years of legal education and training in law school are crucial in shaping the way we will emerge as advocates, judges, teachers and policymakers. But those years in law school are not just about what we learn inside the classroom, but also what we experience outside of it. This is why all law schools, including Harvard Law School, make it a part of their mission to create a rich, vibrant and diverse student life which will complement its formal academic offerings. Recently however, Student Government passed a bylaw which could possibly undermine this mission. According to an anonymous member of Student Government, a new bylaw states that: “Student government will consider fundamental the … Continue reading