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Before You Feel Anxiety About Your Grades…

Student Government’s Faculty Grades Initiative distributed the following letter primarily to 1Ls (edited for style):  Before you feel anxiety about your grades, think about the following: Former Dean Elena Kagan received several B’s during law school, especially her first year. She went on to become the first female dean of Harvard Law School, the U.S. Solicitor General, and the 112th Supreme Court Justice. Tax Law Professor Daniel Halperin received his worst law school grade in: tax. Dean of Students Ellen Cosgrove received a Property exam back that had a note from the professor saying “this is exactly what I warned you not to do”—followed by her lowest grade since kindergarten. She went on to work at a top law firm before becoming a dean at Harvard. At the time Judge Richard Posner hired Professor Robert H. Sitkoff to be his law clerk, Sitkoff had received his lowest grade in law school in Law … Continue reading

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Above the Law Posts Nesson’s Evidence Exam

Above the Law,the legal blog, posted a copy, or a portion thereof, of Professor Charles Nesson’s exam today in a post entitled, “The Evidence Exam at Harvard Law That Requires No Evidence to Pass.” The posted exam, allegedly provided by a student, features two questions, each with a 500 word limit, which are, according to post author Eli Mystal, examples of Professor Nesson’s focus on the “existential experience of thinking deeply (or casually) about law.”