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Making Work Work for…Something

Note: This series is fictional. On his way home from OPIA, Fenno flipped through The First-Year’s Guide to the Law School’s “SPIF” entry: A pretty good deal. The Law School would prefer to cultivate a public image as something other than a factory mass-producing cogs in the machines that support the powerful, and so in that weakness and desire to throw the public off its scent HLS rounds up enough dough to keep first-years in grocery money during the last two months of meaningful professional activity most of them will ever experience. From here, it’s all shuffling money from one corporate monolith to another, so grab that funding and spend a summer making an insignificant contribution to the greater good. That’s all well and good, but the trick, as Fenno was quickly realizing, was figuring out what sort of job to use that sweet, sweet cash towards. Because, as it … Continue reading

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Kong Phooey

Note: This serial is fictional.  “Kong. Bar Review. Tonight. You’re going.” Fenno glanced up at Chevy, who had just strolled into the common room with his demanding-face on. The two had met a few weeks back, when Fenno had sacrificed knee-skin to save Chevy from an oncoming Lesley skater; since then, the elder Chevy (sleepwalking through his last year) had taken the 1L under his wing. “Man, I don’t understand that bar. Why would anyone bother? Last time I was there, I lost a good shoe—stuck to the floor, never could get it free.” “What, do you have some crucial CRUPAC’ing to do or something? Don’t care. No time to argue. I’m headed to a pre-pre-pregame.” “It’s 10:45. In the morning. On a weekday. And I’m not going unless you can give me a single reason to head to that bar instead of drinking cleaning solution.” “Just take a look at … Continue reading

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Fenno and the End of 1L (Part 8 of 8)

Note: This serial is fictional.  Fenno skipped out of class, his step light. He had finished his 1L classes. The past year was suddenly a blur: it had humbled him, challenged him, shouted him down, shook him to his very core, revealed to him the horrible inconsistencies of the law… And yet it was over. Not quite over: there were three more grueling and  tedious weeks ahead. Three weeks later, he would feel an even greater sense of accomplishment wash over him, after he had completed his last final. He would run wild with his section the last real night of his 1L year, feeling finally like he belonged with his imperfect section mates, each strange and impossible to discern, just like him. There were so many uncertainties still in Fenno’s future: Would EIP bear fruit for him? What would he do after graduation? Where would he end up living? Yet those questions … Continue reading

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Fenno and the Prisoner of Concord (Part 5 of 8)


Note: This serial is fictional. “Look, man, I really need your help,” the Prisoner of Concord pleaded. Fenno tried to remain unswayed. Prison Legal Assistance Project received dozens of such pleas a week. Fenno had joined because the time commitment, an hour a week, was negligible and the gaping white space on his resume demanded to be filled. But it was hard, to sit in a room and answer phone calls from prison, and say again and again that there was nothing he could do. He imagined the Prisoner of Concord, trapped in his little box, asking some clueless kid miles away for help. A few days later, he was on his way to Concord. Fenno had taken the case because he was tired of waiting. He was tired of reading about and talking about and thinking about being a lawyer. He wanted to be one already. Cambridge quickly receded into … Continue reading

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Fenno and the Perfect Hair (Part 4 of 8)


Note: This serial is fictional. Fenno had entered law school with so many dreams. As a 0L, he had basked in them, colorful and different, each one vibrant and warm. He would wake up every morning during that lazy summer before 1L and try on a new dream: he was an ambassador to Syria, a BigLaw partner, a senator from Georgia, Vice President of some yet unknown tech company, a Circuit judge, an ACLU attorney… Today, as he sat in Professor Feldman’s international course, Fenno had not dreams, but a narrow path to trod. Like so many of his peers, he now knew exactly where he was going and how to get there. He would attend EIP that summer. He would summer at a firm after 2L. He would work at that firm after 3L. After that, his life, no longer his own, would be measured in billable hours. At only 25, Fenno … Continue reading

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Fenno and the Cold Reception (Part 3 of 8)


Note: This serial is fictional.  The first person Fenno told about his LP was an OCS advisor. It struck him that his confidant was not a family member or a friend, but this stranger who recited assurances that he would get a job, but it would take work, hard work. He wanted to tell her that it wasn’t because he was stupid, that he was different from every other student who had gotten an LP. He wanted to fill the awkward pauses in the room with a sob story—his mother had died, his laptop floundered—anything but the truth, that he had no one to blame but himself. He shuffled off to class later that day and, as he had done every class since the day grades came out, adjusted his seat so he could hide behind his peers. No longer did he fancy himself impressing his classmates with the facts he carefully gleaned from the … Continue reading

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Fenno and the Ultimate Failure (Part 2 of 8)


Note: This serial is fictional. Fenno’s heart stopped when he saw it. The “LP” next to “Torts” was tiny, yet it seared him. A thousand thoughts ran through his head, and his tiny dorm room spun. He lay on the floor, wishing it would just swallow him already. He remembered his college friends teased him about becoming president one day. “Good luck with that now,” the positively gleeful voice in his head said. He tried to straighten the room, plot a new path, and count all his blessings, but it didn’t work. All he could see was that LP. That mark that would live with him forever. And then his computer started dinging. G-Chats flooded the room, “How’d you do?” “Bar Review to celebrate?!” “Yes! H in Crim!” He shut off his computer and climbed under his covers. He reached for his phone, but then he realized there was no one … Continue reading

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Fenno and The Prophecy (Part 1 of 8)


Note: This serial is fictional.  “You will all fail on January 26.” The words had appeared mysteriously on the white board beside Fenno’s room in Ames dormitory. When Fenno saw it this morning, still groggy from sleep, that terrible knot that had occupied his stomach since the end of finals stirred and tightened. Just as he was about to erase the awful prophecy, Raj walked by, read it aloud, and shrugged. “I think that message is for you, Raj,” Fenno said, jokingly, but a horrible voice in his head whispered in reply, “No, it’s for you, Fenno.” He tried to brush the thought away, but it stayed with him all day, through the drone of another day of Problem Solving Workshop and through the sloppy group meeting following it. That night, at Cambridge Common, he sat with his section mates and played a game they had been playing every night … Continue reading