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Opinion  /  March 9, 2012  / 

Why So Serious? How the Joker Won

The Student Government Election started out small. But by the time it was over, it had turned into a huge circus with people waving signs, handing out cookies, displaying videos, writing letters, submitting emergency motions to disclose minutes, and pasting stickers on willing bystanders. But when the dust settled, an unexpected result emerged: the 3L candidate, “the Joker” had won against the two more “serious” tickets. How did this happen? First a little background: There were three tickets for student government: Shah/Chinsky (the Establishment Ticket), Vargas/Lai (the Insurgency), and Gelfand/Roberts (the Joker.) The Joker campaigned on a promise to fix certain procedural difficulties with the Constitution and after fixing these problems, to resign. Given that the Joker has promised to resign after completing his mission, I thought it might be helpful to candidates of the other two campaigns to write a little summary of the election and some constructive criticism … Continue reading

Opinion  /  March 8, 2012  / 

The Repudiation Election

Well, that was certainly the most entertaining Student Government election I’ve ever witnessed.  Before getting to my main point, I first want to take a second to thank the candidates for running.  I am sure that the last couple days have been very stressful for all involved, but this election was definitely an alembic that generated the highest ever level of interest in Student Government. Now that I’ve said all the nice stuff, on to the melodramatic insanity of the four day campaign.  I came into class in Austin North on Monday to find a flyer suggesting that former Presidential Candidate Daniel Vargas, S.J.D. Candidate, had poor attendance at Student Government meetings. Not to be outdone, Vargas himself handed me a flyer on my way back from class claiming that his opponent, Rachna Shah, Law ’13, had voted for discriminatory policies. Claiming that an HLS student voted against diversity is like claiming … Continue reading

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Polls Open, Student Government Presidential Candidates Articulate Platforms (Updated)

Polls for Student Government elections opened Wednesday at 9 a.m. and will remain open until 5 p.m.

News  /  March 7, 2012  / 

Stay of Election Requested (Updated)

Update (1:29 p.m, March 7, 2012): Student Government elections have proceeded as scheduled.  No sanctions were issued at this morning’s meeting against any candidate. According to an anonymous source, Student Government earlier today received a request for a stay of the election, which was scheduled to begin at 9 a.m Wednesday. The request was accompanied by a complaint alleging candidates Daniel Vargas, LLM ’06, S.J.D. Candidate, and Judy Lai, Law ’13, violated Section III.1 of the Student Government Election Bylaws, which provides, “Candidates must act in a responsible and ethical manner.” President of Student Government Skyler Cho, in accordance with Section III.2.2 of the Student Government Election Bylaws, stating “As soon as practicable, the President, Vice President, the complainant, and the alleged violators will be invited to meet with the Dean of Students,” invited Presidential Candidate and current Vice President Rachna Shah, Law ’13, and Vargas and their respective running mates to meet with him … Continue reading