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Opinion  /  October 17, 2012  / 

America’s Next Great Rival

Separated from the United States by an ocean lies a great power. Some might call it a sleeping dragon. It is the cradle of one of the world’s finest civilizations, representing a race that comprises one-sixth of humanity. This great power has built vast tracks of high-speed rails, and frequently incurs large trade surpluses with the United States. And although this great power still faces internal challenges, it remains a leading contender to dominate the 21st century. China? I was actually thinking of Europe. Last Friday, the European Union received the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize. And in this writer’s opinion, the Peace Prize was a fitting tribute to a continent that emerged from centuries of intra-European conflicts, including two world wars, to produce seven decades of virtually unparalleled peace, prosperity, and freedom. Moreover, the EU hasn’t even grown to its full size because it doesn’t yet include all European countries. … Continue reading

Opinion  /  September 26, 2012  / 

An Introvert for All Seasons

An effervescent character he is not. He is introverted, reserved, and maintains an expressionless face. He seldom tells jokes. He gives boilerplate speeches that rarely draw lasting attention. He is old, wears thick glasses, and stands a whole head shorter than Barack Obama. Yet, he is one of the most successful leaders in the world today. Even as President Hu Jintao of China steps down after a decade of rule, he remains well-loved by hundreds of millions of his countrymen. In a 2012 poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, 82 percent of Chinese surveyed were satisfied with their country’s direction. Only 29 percent of Americans felt the same way about the United States’ direction. What is the appeal of Hu Jintao? He has captured the imagination of millions of patriotic Chinese, who see the 21st century as a golden period for a rising China. Over this past decade, China … Continue reading