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Opinion  /  February 23, 2012  / 

If You Don’t Disclose Your Budget Now, I Won’t Vote for You When You Run for President

As The Record reported a few days ago, Student Government recently debated whether to disclose its budget to the rest of the student body.  True to the traditions of Harvard Law, the august members of Student Government excogitated the pros and cons of disclosure.  As far as I can tell, this was the gist of the debate: For disclosure: Since we owe a debt of gratitude to our fellow students for, you know, voting to give us a line on our resume, we should probably at least tell them what we’re spending their money on. Against disclosure: Not too many people have asked for the information, so why should we?  Besides, people would unfairly criticize Student Government if they knew how Student Government spends its funds. Wait, what? Does Student Government really need people to ask for such fundamental information about its activities?  According to the Student Government’s own constitution, the … Continue reading

News  /  February 17, 2012  / 

Student Government Tables Budget Disclosure Discussion


In a general meeting on Wednesday night, Student Government tabled a discussion about disclosing its own budget to the public so that members could have more time to create and review samples of what such disclosure would look like.

News  /  January 5, 2012  / 

HL Central, Explained


In response to a request for HL Central‘s budget, HL Central Executive Directors Jason Gross, ’12, and Javier Peral, ’12, replied with the following e-mail (pleasantries omitted): Since HL Central is a private company that operates on a not-for-profit basis, we do not usually give out financial information.  We would be glad to provide you with general information about our organization and what we do on campus. HL Central works with its many partners (law firms and other organizations) to build community at Harvard Law School.  In exchange for sponsorship, HL Central assists its partners with marketing and recruitment efforts at HLS.  Often times this means partnering up with a test prep company or a law firm to host a community service project, or to throw a school-wide dance like 1L Formal.  HL Central also provides logistical and marketing assistance for law firms that wish to host social events and cocktail … Continue reading