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Opinion  /  January 29, 2013  / 

Mr. Barry’s Classroom

MR. BARRY’S CLASSROOM A SHORT FILM (Based on a true story) The film opens on a small, packed classroom, desks arranged in curved semicircular rows.  One side of the classroom seems to be embroiled in some kind of war with the other side.  Children are yelling, throwing balls of crumpled up paper, and generally causing mayhem throughout the classroom.  A young, well-dressed teacher sits at a desk at the front of the room, his head in his hands.  Behind him, the blackboard reads “Good morning, class,” and below that, “Mr. Barry.”  The teacher slowly lifts his head and yells at the class. “All right, children, it’s time for recess!” The class is quiet for just a moment, but quickly ignores Mr. Barry and resumes their yelling and fighting. “Class, I said it’s time for recess! Get your coats and head outside!” This time the class remains silent.  Finally, one of … Continue reading

Opinion  /  November 15, 2012  / 

Election Season at HLS Shows LSAT Tests Intellect, Not Intellectual Honesty

Several months ago a friend and I discussed the differences between Harvard Law School and our undergraduate universities.  One story he told me involved an answer he gave to a professor’s question during his 1L year at HLS—one that was not bulletproof, but one which his undergrad classmates would have accepted or dismissed without protest.  At HLS, another student responded and proceeded to dismantle the argument, picking apart every piece of porous reasoning. That was the major difference, he and I decided, between HLS and our previous schools.  Here, half-baked arguments don’t get a pass and faulty analysis gets called out.  For that reason, HLS students tend to think before they speak or, more commonly, share on Facebook.  For some, however, such self-restraint becomes an impossibly herculean task during election season. In one scene from Disney’s “Finding Nemo,” Bruce and two other sharks raise their fins and pledge “fish are … Continue reading

Opinion  /  October 3, 2012  / 

Swinging the Swing States

Americans represent only 5 percent of the world’s population. Given America’s superpower status, the remaining 95 percent of humanity surely has preferences about whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney sits in the Oval Office. This begs a question. Is it possible that the swing states that will decide the U.S. presidential election might not be Florida, Ohio, and Virginia, but rather Russia, China, and Israel? Although foreign states don’t vote, their leaders are surely aware that the U.S. election will boil down to narrow electoral polls where even a 1 percent swing might determine the next leader of the free world. And there are hundreds of possible global events that might swing the U.S. electorate. For example, Russia could launch a test missile, China could let the yuan appreciate 5 percent, or Israel could attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. And almost any one of America’s major trading partners—Canada, India, Brazil, Mexico, … Continue reading

Opinion  /  September 27, 2012  / 

Ten Things Romney and Obama Should Do Instead of Debating

Soon, it will be October, which means shorter days, all sorts of pumpkin-flavored shit, atrociously reffed football games, and the beginning of a seemingly interminable series of debates. Is anyone looking forward to these debates except to catch Mittens finally losing it and cussing out poor people? Despite the fact that Romney’s job for two years was to convince people to believe in a religion based on some golden plates found in upstate New York (do you know what kind of homunculi live in upstate New York?!) and that we are all the “spirit-children” of God, he is surprisingly terrible at debating. Also, while Barack is fairly charismatic, he’s probably fresh out of promises to break in his first year of reelection.  Thus, even though this season’s television has already proven to be terrible (Lucy Liu as Dr. Watson, a whole mess of shows about gays that are indistinguishable from … Continue reading

Opinion  /  September 24, 2012  / 

Election League America

It’s an election year, and October is almost upon us, so it’s finally time to tear ourselves away from Hulu and Netflix for a few minutes to learn a thing or two about some of the major candidates. The upcoming elections will impact issues important to the Harvard legal community, like whether the judicial nomination landscape will be such that Justice Ginsburg can finally escape the indignity of being captioned another four years (JK—we love Ginsburg too much to ever stop captioning her). Now, this column doesn’t trade in the high-flying, Shakespearean allusions that usually get thrown around in political coverage, so we’ll be teaching you about the candidates in the vernacular of pop culture: DC Comics superheroes. Barack Obama—Aquaman (JLA) There’s no doubt that when Democrat Barack Obama was first elected President, his Justice League analogue would have been Superman. He was a symbol of hope, progress, and the … Continue reading