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Opinion  /  December 6, 2012  / 

Why I’ve Avoided BARBRI, And So Should You!

BARBRI is amazing at manipulating the risk-averse nature of law school students in order to maintain its near-monopoly on bar review preparation. I find their strategies unethical and annoying, and I encourage students to look elsewhere. The e-mails began just one month after the start of 1L year. From my HLS “Section 2” e-mail listserv—the same one students and school officials used to send us general information—I started receiving important tips from two members of my class: “You may be thinking the Bar Exam is eons away, but BARBRI has a lot of things that can help us 1Ls right now in surviving First Year.” BARBRI final exam review lectures, outlines, and computer software can get you through 1L year! Also, if you enroll now you can “lock in the current tuition rate in all jurisdictions” and save a lot of money. After all, “BARBRI prepares over 35,000 of the … Continue reading

Fenno  /  September 25, 2012  / 

Kong Phooey

Note: This serial is fictional.  “Kong. Bar Review. Tonight. You’re going.” Fenno glanced up at Chevy, who had just strolled into the common room with his demanding-face on. The two had met a few weeks back, when Fenno had sacrificed knee-skin to save Chevy from an oncoming Lesley skater; since then, the elder Chevy (sleepwalking through his last year) had taken the 1L under his wing. “Man, I don’t understand that bar. Why would anyone bother? Last time I was there, I lost a good shoe—stuck to the floor, never could get it free.” “What, do you have some crucial CRUPAC’ing to do or something? Don’t care. No time to argue. I’m headed to a pre-pre-pregame.” “It’s 10:45. In the morning. On a weekday. And I’m not going unless you can give me a single reason to head to that bar instead of drinking cleaning solution.” “Just take a look at … Continue reading