Everything in Life I Learned from TV

2L year is well underway and all I want to do is watch TV. If you’re like me and have a poor ratio of motivation to workload, you might justify your assiduous non-working by telling yourself that the culture you consume is actually educational. I do this all the time. For example: The Good Wife, […]

1Ls: Here’s Some More Unsolicited Advice

Welcome 1Ls! As I’m sure the Dean and your professors have told you many times, congratulations and best wishes for a stimulating, challenging, and transformative year. With many apologies for the lecturing tone, here are three pieces of free advice (with all the caveats that such advice usually brings): 1. Get involved. There are sincere […]

The Most Effective Class at HLS

The most important skill to learn during 1L year is how to argue both sides of an issue. It is the foundation of successfully analyzing a client’s legal position in a memo, preparing for Ames advocacy and performing well on issue spotter exams with their built-in uncertainties. This is a difficult skill to implement. People […]

Professional Ethics

What does it mean to behave ethically as a lawyer? A few weeks ago, I attended an event sponsored by the new Harvard Law School “Living Well in the Law” program. It was a talk by Harvard psychologist Professor Howard Gardner on what constitutes “good work” in the law. He posed an interesting question to […]

Transparency, Big and Small

The first semester of law school is supposed to be the hardest. Students are thrown in to sink or swim, though no one knows until late January if they’re actually drowning or if it just feels that way. But I would suggest that second semester presents its own challenges. Like a new relationship after the […]

We Can Handle the Truth (About Grades)

We live submerged in information. Even when we don’t know it, we know how to get it. Anything is a Google search away. Arguments over facts still happen, but at least I, and my smart phone, know how to bring them to a quick and decisive end. I have had two great frustrations at Harvard […]