Parody Doesn’t Disappoint

I admit that I did not have exceedingly high expectations when I arrived at the opening performance of “The Wizard of Laws” on Saturday night.  I didn’t doubt the talent of the many whose efforts went into creating the undertaking.  Rather, at this point in 3L, my jadedness about the law school experience has reached […]

Professors and My Expectations

I came to HLS from a Ph.D. program, and one thing (among others) that immediately struck me as being very different about law school from a graduate program in the humanities was the nature of the relationship between students and their professors.  In a Ph.D. program, students tend to interact with their professors in way […]

Why I Chose Corporate

When I started law school I was sure I would be a litigator.  In part this was because the task of constructing and criticizing arguments was what appealed to me about law in the first place; but it was also because I had virtually no idea what a transactional lawyer did.  Finance had never much […]