Parody Doesn’t Disappoint

I admit that I did not have exceedingly high expectations when I arrived at the opening performance of “The Wizard of Laws” on Saturday night.  I didn’t doubt the talent of the many whose efforts went into creating the undertaking.  Rather, at this point in 3L, my jadedness about the law school experience has reached […]

Professors and My Expectations

I came to HLS from a Ph.D. program, and one thing (among others) that immediately struck me as being very different about law school from a graduate program in the humanities was the nature of the relationship between students and their professors.  In a Ph.D. program, students tend to interact with their professors in way […]

The Irony of Firmly Refuse

In the latest installment of the Firmly Refuse, the authors end their article by stating their intention to start a conversation.  But by the time one gets to that point, it’s pretty clear that this is a bit disingenuous.  They don’t actually want to start a conversation; they’ve already made up their minds. They’ve already […]

What Changed Our Minds?

It is no secret that the 1L class undergoes a transformation every year.  Large numbers of HLS students begin law school having no intention of working at large corporate law firms, yet without fail, a large majority of students opt for the well-trodden path toward Big Law.  What could possibly account for such a rapid […]

What Is The Point of 3L?

1L was great. Meeting a whole new slew of classmates was fun, the novelty of studying the law was exciting, and attempting to adopt a new way of thinking challenged and engaged me. Even the cold calls weren’t completely terrible, as they added some welcome suspense and drama to the experience. 2L wasn’t so bad […]