The Tall Tale Of Chuck Hagel

Let me begin by framing the absurdity. President Obama nominates Republican Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense. Really?  He couldn’t find a single Democrat willing or able to take the job? Okay, fine. We’ll accept one absurdity.  But there’s more. The Republican Party says no. Really?  Would they rather have a Democrat doing the job?  […]

It’s Coming Right For Us

In an early episode of popular television series South Park, Stan’s uncle Jimbo takes the boys on a hunting trip.  Up in the mountains, Jimbo explains that because “Democrats have passed a lot of laws to stop us from hunting”, they can only shoot animals that pose “an immediate threat.”  Therefore, before shooting any animal, […]

Mr. Barry’s Classroom

MR. BARRY’S CLASSROOM A SHORT FILM (Based on a true story) The film opens on a small, packed classroom, desks arranged in curved semicircular rows.  One side of the classroom seems to be embroiled in some kind of war with the other side.  Children are yelling, throwing balls of crumpled up paper, and generally causing […]

An Election Day Primer: What to Watch

I’ve done the hard work of finding out what’s interesting, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy Election Day. Presidential Race What to watch for: Number of write-in votes for “Bronco Bamma” Why: Because someone inexplicably decided that every news outlet in the known universe needed to cover this.   What to watch for: […]

Hoist With His Own (Cheesy) Petard

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has a problem. His name has become synonymous with a deep, abiding hatred of all things unionized—a desire to consign all unions to a deep, fiery pit of hell, and absent that ability, to slowly choke them until they choose a quick, fiery death instead of the slow, agonizing one to […]

After Hiatus, Record Returns to Print

Note: This article first appeared in the September 16, 2013 print edition of the Harvard Law Record. Welcome to the all-new print edition of the Harvard Law Record. I, together with The Record staff, am excited to reintroduce this edition to the Harvard Law School campus. The Record is an historic and important publication. Founded […]