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Opinion  /  November 16, 2012  / 

What Socrates Divides and Aristotle Unites: Law School Teaching Culture in the U.S. and Germany

When a German law student comes to Harvard Law School, it seems quite obvious that this is not only about a change of classroom. All apparent out-of-classroom differences set aside, Germany is a civil law country—and this in itself, one is inclined to think, engenders huge differences in law school experience. However, a maybe less prominent, but possibly more momentous difference is grounded in the different teaching methods and cultures law students experience in the classrooms on this and the other side of the pond. What are these differences? And is there a connection between what is taught and how it is taught? In the following, I would like to suggest—based on my own experience—that differences in law school experience which I think do clearly exist are less due to the dichotomy between civil law and common law, but rather on a deliberate choice of teaching methods. What law students … Continue reading