Law Review 25 Percent Female

The upcoming acadmic year’s Law Review is 25 percent female, according to Law Review President Conor Tochilin, Law ’13 and Business ’13. This represents an 8 percent drop in female membership from the last academic year. “As is true every year, this year’s writing competition was extremely competitive. We are disappointed that this year’s editor selection […]

Fein, Nader Speak at Forum, Criticize Obama, Legal Profession

Fein and Nader Bruce Fein, ’72, and Ralph Nader, ’58, spoke Wednesday at noon at this year’s Forum entitled “America’s Lawless Empire: The Constitutional Crimes of Bush and Obama.” In his address, Nader called for law students to act to protect the Constitution. “You speak with moral authority to working lawyers and faculty and judges,” he said […]

Where We Meld

Between the cold calls and the case briefs, you may wonder where you can go to tie it all together, to take what you have absorbed in the classroom and weave it into the complexity of reality. This is that place. Since 1946, The Harvard Law School Record has been the home of young legal minds […]

Statistics Suggest Few Top Law School Grads Employed In Public Sector

According to NerdWallet’s Law School Comparison tool, which pulled post-graduate information from thousands of law school graduates from the classes of 2009 through 2011, Columbia Law School graduates reported the highest average salary across all job categories. According to NerdWallet’s Law School Comparison tool, 7 percent of of Harvard Law graduates are employed in the public interest sector, […]

Demographics of BSA, Law Review, HLAB

  According to the Board of Student Advisors, approximately 33 percent of its members self-identified as female, 33 percent self-identified as males and 33 percent did not report their gender. According to the Harvard Law Review, approximately 25 percent of its 88 members are female and 75 percent are males. According to the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau, approximately […]