In Re Friendzone

Chad v. Becky, __ U.S. __ (2013) JUSTICE KENNEDY delivered the opinion of the Court. The petitioners in this case, nice guys of various ages and walks of life, seek writs of habeas corpus against respondent prospective girlfriends. Petitioners allege that respondents have imprisoned them in the “friendzone,” a prison not of steel bars or […]

How the GOP Stole Christmas

“This liberal opposition has just got to stop!” Shouted the furious, put-upon Gop, “The natural order suffers awful distortions, Like health reform, gay marriage, safe, legal abortions, Environmental regs favored by the Lorax, And, worst of all, rich people asked to pay tax!” The Gop, you can see, was very distraught, So he sat, and […]


Since most of us celebrated over the weekend, it’s all too easy to forget that Halloween is actually this Wednesday. This means we still have to face the night of souls and its inherent dangers. However, there is no need to panic because you are equipped with a legal education—the best preparation to handle this […]

Super Mario New World Order

The videogame press has been buzzing lately about Nintendo’s upcoming system, the Wii U. Normally, a new videogame or system would be nothing to get excited about because most entries in the genre endorse the worst kinds of Social Darwinism and stratification. The “heroes” of these games are in some way predestined as individuals for […]