Dear Community: Condemn Intent Behind Stickers

Dear Community,

On the evening of October 31, stickers with the words, “IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE,” were posted around the entrance of WCC. Similar stickers appeared around Cambridge and other parts of the United States and Canada. According to an online forum, the stickers were intended to convey a “harmless” message that would leave “the media & leftists frothing at the mouth” and turn public opinion against them.

We condemn this attempt to divide us along the lines of race and politics. Instead, we have come together as law student groups representing individuals of many backgrounds and identities. We emphatically assert that we remain committed to maintaining a community where we respect and embrace our differences.

The stickers’ message may seem innocuous, but it ignores a national history replete with discrimination against underrepresented groups and implies that promoting equality threatens white people. Equality is not a zero-sum game.

Coming together today, the undersigned organizations affirm our belief that “it’s okay” to be whoever you are and to aspire to grow into whoever you want to become. We welcome people to our community irrespective of background or identity.

With love and support,

Advocates for Education
American Constitution Society
Asian Pacific American Law Students Association
Canadian Law Students Association
Food Law Society
Harvard African Law Association
Harvard Black Law Students Association
Harvard Defenders
Harvard Immigration Project
Harvard International JD Students Society
Harvard Italian Law Association
Harvard National Lawyers Guild
Harvard Negotiation Law Review
Harvard Women’s Law Association
HLS Advocates for Human Rights
HLS China Law Association
HLS Homelessness Coalition
HLS Justice for Palestine
HLS Urbanists
Human Rights and Business Law Student Association
In Vino Veritas
Jewish Law Students Association
La Alianza
Law and Behavioral Science Student Association
Law and International Development Society
Mexican Law Students Association
Middle East Law Students Association
National Security Law Association
Native American Law Students Association
Queer Trans People of Color
Reparatory Justice Initiative
South Asian Law Students Association
Student Mental Health Association
Tenant Advocacy Project
West Coast Law Students Association

David A. Azcárraga, Amanda Chan, Leilani Doktor, Elizabeth Gyori, Peter Im, Milo Inglehart, Gideon Palte, and Thaya Uthayophas

This letter was written by the following individuals, listed by their organizational affiliation:
David A. Azcárraga '18, La Alianza;
Amanda Chan '18, Affinity Group Coalition;
Leilani Doktor '19, Native American Law Students Association;
Elizabeth Gyori '19, Asian Pacific American Law Students Association;
Peter Im '18, Asian Pacific American Law Students Association;
Milo Inglehart '19, Lambda;
Gideon Palte '18, Jewish Law Students Association; and
Thaya Uthayophas, HLS Advocates for Human Rights.

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