What to See at HLS in the World

Our alumni readership keeps asking how we’re covering the bicentennial. That is to say, you should all attend HLS in the World on October 27th, because despite the fact that Harvard Law is basically a corporate professional school at this point, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have a modicum of intellectual curiosity, and neither would you. Plus, these talks are great!

But, of course, a lot of the talks are full now. You thought you were going to get into the talk on Marbury v. Madison with Susan Davies, Merrick Garland ’77, Kathleen Sullivan ’81, and Larry Tribe ’66 if you’re just now reading this article? LOL.

Here are my recommendations, so don’t say we didn’t tell you this was happening! Register here after you check out our previews.

Harvard Law School and “The Oldest Colony in the World”: An Unsettled Century of US-Puerto Rico Relations – 9 AM

I don’t think I should need to tell you that you should probably care about Puerto Rico right now. Understanding these issues is going to be important starting yesterday. At best, Puerto Rico has a long and painful road to recovery. At worst, this will be President Trump’s Katrina, and the ongoing crises will get much more harrowing for everyone living there. I encourage all of you to contact your representatives and tell them to make sure Puerto Rico gets the assistance they so desperately need. (For that matter, talk to them about Montana, TexasFlorida and California too.) Plus, Andrew Crespo ’08 is hosting, and who didn’t love that response to Arpaio’s lawyers? May the tenure gods bless him.

God on Mass Ave – 9 AM

Because you’re not going to get into Con Law with Feldman if you didn’t for 1L Spring. It’s not going to happen. See him here.

Special Prosecutors and Independent Counsels: Investigating the White House and the President of the United States – 11 AM

Unfortunately, Robert Mueller, Virginia Law ’73, won’t be here to answer my question about how he feels that Vogue has a crush on him and literally compared him to Santa Claus. Trust me, if I ever get to ask him that question, there will be an article detailing his entire response. But I’d put money on a bet that quite a few of you get notifications on your phone every time something happens with the investigation. I imagine this talk will fill, if it’s not already full. I wouldn’t know, I can’t check without potentially losing my spot.

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