An Open Letter to Dean Minow on Mental Health: HLS Needs Survey Data

Dear Dean Minow,

We support the immediate and annual implementation of optional anonymous mental health surveys at Harvard Law School.

We have no recent data on the student body at Harvard Law, but we do know that scheduling counseling appointments can take weeks. To help our community, we must first know where we stand. In addition, to evaluate the effects of policy changes, we need surveys each year.

A 2014 study at Yale Law School found that 70% of students reported experiencing mental health challenges and Harvard Law school needs the same data on our own community.


Gideon Palte, President, Jewish Law Students Association
Han Park, Co-President 2017-2018, Lambda
Kassi Yukevich, President, American Constitution Society
Liz Gyori & Peter Im, Co-Presidents, APALSA
Mariel Hooper, Co-President 2016-2017, Lambda
Matt Reardon, President, Effective Altruists
Minjoo Kim, President, Student Mental Health Association
Patricia Alejandro, President, Catholic Law Students Association
Pete Davis, President, Harvard Law School Forum
Pete Williamson, Chaplain, HLS Christian Fellowship
Tom Holt, Organizer, Advocates for Mental Health
David Clark, President, Harvard Midwest Club
Marilyn Robb, President, Harvard Midwest Club
Chase Giacomo, President, Harvard Law Students for Life
Adam Savitt, Aabid Allibhai, Presidents, Law & Behavioral Science Student Group
Patrick Cheong & Seng-Hwan Chun, Co-presidents, Korean Association of Harvard Law School
Hana Al-Henaid, Co-President, Muslim Law Students Association
Filippo Raso, Executive Board, Canadian Law Student Association

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