At The Harvard Law Forum: Letter to a Law Student Interested in Social Justice

A decade ago, William Quigley penned “Letter to a Law Student Interested in Social Justice.” In it, he reminded students that “justice is a counter-cultural value in our legal profession…you cannot be afraid to be different.” To keep the message of the letter alive, The Harvard Law Forum and the Public Interest Committee of the Harvard Law Student Government invited four incredible classmates and alums who chose public interest vocations to share their testimonies about living out the politics of joy and justice.

At the event on Monday, February 27, Simmi Kaur ’17, Donna Harati ’15, Blake Strode ’15 and Jason Adkins ’91 share updated “letters” to Harvard Law students.

Here is the intro from Pete Davis ’18:

Here is Simmi Kaur ’17’s letter:

Here is Jason Adkins ’91’s letter:

Here is Donna Harati ’15’s letter:

Here is Blake Strode ’15’s letter:

Pete Davis

Pete Davis is a civic reformer from Falls Church, Virginia and a member of the Harvard Law School Class of 2018. Email Pete at Tweet at Pete at @PeteDDavis.
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