Student Government: A Year in Review

Dear HLS Community,

It is has been an honor to serve you this year.

Since taking office, we envisioned a Student Government that would powerfully reform the way Harvard Law School is run and we saw tremendous potential for Student Government to act as a transformative platform for all members of the student body. With the dedicated efforts of students across HLS, we worked to create positive impact that we hope will go well beyond our time here.

This year alone, Student Government created 7 new committees and held over 25 events and programs. As a result, membership has nearly tripled and more students participated in Student Government this year than the past two academic years combined.

We would be kidding ourselves if we pretended like there weren’t growing pains involved and we thank our elected representatives, directors, and committee members for bearing with us as we developed as an organization. We were inspired to see so many students dedicate their time and effort towards issues they are passionate about. Whether it was through Student Government or through other means, we witnessed the power of individuals rallying around shared visions to make change.

We created this report to share our work from this year and we have deeply appreciated the opportunity to address ongoing issues at Harvard Law School. As we move on to our next adventures, we acknowledge that there is more work to be done. However, we are more hopeful than ever that we have helped build a strong foundation for future progress.

Thank you and signing off,

Kyle & Mavara