Welcome to #HLSUntaped

Over the last few weeks, Harvard Law School has been grappling with difficult issues concerning race on campus. Protestors from the #RoyallMustFall movement have brought up important questions surrounding everything from the meaning of racialized symbols to the format of the 1L curriculum. Meanwhile, the HLS administration has been alternately critiqued or praised for how it’s handled discussion of these issues.

In order to further such discussions, The Record’s staff has put together a special feature that we are calling #HLSUntaped. Within these pages, you will find stories written by professors and students holding a diverse range of perspectives. While not all the writers have the same opinions about how to fix our law school’s problems, or even how to frame the problems at hand, all of these pieces are a great jumping-off point for open discussion. Whether you share an opinion closer to Professor Randall Kennedy or to Professor Ronald Sullivan, to Bill Barlow ’16 or to AJ Clayborne ’16, we hope you will read all of these pieces with an open mind, and that you will contribute your own piece to editor@hlrecord.org in order to further these important discussions.

Thank you for being such a great community of readers this semester,

Michael Shammas ‘16
Editor-in-chief, The Harvard Law Record

Pete Davis ‘18
Online Editor, The Harvard Law Record