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The Record, the oldest independent law school newspaper in the country, relies on donations to continue publishing, and we would be extremely grateful if you could donate — even a small amount — to help us operate next year. (For more information, see the “donate” tab on our website at the following link: Publishing costs each year are in the thousands.

Before last year, The Record — a presence since the 1940s — had stopped publishing regularly and had been relegated to an online existence. But last year, with the generous help of former editor-in-chief Ralph Nader, we’ve been able to publish biweekly and to serve as a forum for Harvard Law students and others to debate issues shaking the campus and the broader community. In addition to regularly publishing quality pieces, we’ve garnered thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter and earned mentions in numerous other media outlets.

For decades, The Record helped foster a sense of community at Harvard Law School while providing an independent outlet for students and professors to express opinions that might not have an official “stamp of approval.” Everyone from Barack Obama to Alan Dershowitz to Charles Ogletree to Ralph Nader has appeared in its pages. News stories and crucial analysis pieces have been published, to be followed by healthy and open debate that is too rare at too many top law schools.

The law is about more than only “the law”; the law is about the law’s effects on real people. The Record is one of the few places where that reality is truly acknowledged and grappled with.

Thank you for your support,

Michael Shammas

Editor-in-chief, The Harvard Law Record

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